What New Firearms Would You Pick Up?


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So me and a co-worker were discussing the upcoming election and he told me
"the day Obama gets elected I am going to go out and buy two new semi-automatic firearms"
I have been thinking this might not be such a bad idea to do something like this.

My weapon of choice I will pick up would probably be the H&K G3/A3

What do you guys think about this situation?
What new firearm would you pick up?

This is a no-brainer


Beretta M-9 (92FS)

an armagedon's worth of ammo and 200 cases of MRE's
Accdoring to the news this morning Obama is ahead 47% to 44% (something like that)

I am getting a Sig this weekend, but I would def get some type of AR-15 and probably another semi-auto handgun most likely 9mm.

God keep praying Obama does not get in
I wouldnt mind a new XD-m 9mm 19+1 but I dont knwo what to do with the XD-9:wacko:
and while were at it.....I have space in the barn, a nice Merkava MK-4 would fit nicely :big_boss:
Well, whoever gets in won't really matter on the weapon I get because I probably won't have any $ to get one!
BUT, it won't keep me from buying any in the future. Man, there are so many Toyz out there............
If money were no object what I would like would be a SCAR-light tactical/223 and a SCAR-heavy tactical/308. A Benelli M4 shot Gun. A Sig 250 pistol. A lot of ammo. Now what realistically I could afford? I might have to settle for a lot of ammo.
Mine would have to be a S+W 6" 44 mag. Or a 460,for blowing out the block of the bad SUVs that come around here.:crazy_pilot:
Probably just an AR15 lower or two. I really need to get my 6.5 grendel build started. Then more bullets, powder, and primers to load up all the brass sitting in my garage.

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