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  • the thing that you posted about the man that shot his wife in a hospital in senica Pennsylvania and then shot himself
    i am the grand daughter of Robert and Shirley riddle and me and my family do not appreciate the things that you are saying on your website. if you really want to know so bad yes he did kill my grandmother and then himself but it was not out of hate it was out of love. my grandmother had Alzheimer for 11 years she got out of bed one morning and fell and broke her sternum and had internal bleeding. my grandfather couldnt see himself living alone and he couldnt stand to see his wife suffer any longer and that is why he did it. so you should get you facts right before you post shit online you need to think about how it makes my family feel to read all of your lies.
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    Just a friendly heads up as I'm not really advertising this in any forum, or even on my own training website - but I'm looking to return to active duty Army soon after Thanksgiving.

    Ideally, I'd like to say I'll have enough training classes lined up between now and then to warrant getting a bunch more ammo - but as now, that isn't the case.

    I love firearms training, as it's my dream job - so I'll likely return to this gig (either in AZ or wherever I settle) after I retire from the Army, if not sooner.

    KimberPB, if say you were reloading ammo ... oh I don't know, say 500 - 1000 rounds of .40 S&W FMJ for training... and say you'd sell this .40 FMJ reload batch of 500-1000 rounds... what would it cost for ammo & shipping? : )

    Also, say someone were to send you a box full of brass casings... 9mm, .40 and .45... hundreds and hundreds of cases from say, a few CCW classes... would that help?

    Hope all is well on your end -
    hahahaha!! sorry, but your comment to KimberRB on the whole teaching her how to handle a gun etc... is hilarious!!!!
    that's all, it cracked me up! Take care.
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