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  • Always good to have another Texan on board. There are several that show up from time to time. Not sure how much wisdom I have to impart but I am always willing to share when I can.
    What are you planning on using this gun for? I have Glocks and Berettas and love them both. I carry my Glock on me most of the time but my full size Beretta 90-two sits next to my bed. Well it did until I got the XD(m) in a .40.
    Welcome to USA Carry! I'd recommend against any "C" model of Glock. The ported barrel makes little difference in recoil, but the gunk that comes out of that porting will mess up your front sight after a couple of shots, not to mention a very pronounced muzzle flash will blind you when shooting in "low light" conditions.

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