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Hi. I recently logged eariler today in the afternoon to post a new thread in response to the shootings in Texas and Ohio. The thread contained a link to a Youtube video I made in response to Emma Gonzalez speech that pointed out incidents where individuals pulled off attacks without firearms. When I posted the thread I was told it has to be approved first which i'm OK with however I wanted to know the status of my thread since it's been a few hours. I don't mind waiting more, but I just would like some closure. Thanks!
Hello, All. It's been quite a while since My last visit. I've been dealing with a lot of major health issues going on with My Wife. I am happy to say that it seems that She has turned the corner on 3+ years of bad luck, and is now getting better. Hopefully, I won't be a stranger here, going forward.

Randy T. Davidson (mrmudzilla)