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  • Well, folks, lot of stuff going on...................
    We provide the Ebit miner mini English version to the world. Ebit miner E10.3 uses the latest independently developed 10nm chip DW1233, weighing about 9.2KG.
    Saw that you were asking about Treo. I have not seen anything from him. The last post he made was on 11-10-2013. Do not know where he went or The Outlaw either.
    Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I love SCUBA diving, I started doing it in 1986. I don't know if I would like doing UDT. My 2nd SCUBA instructor was in the UDT in Vietnam. He was a very intense dude.
    No...unfortunately, I am not. If you send me the link, I might be able to help you...I am sure you can send a link, can you? If not, ask me again and I will explain in layman's language.
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