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  • Thanks for your "like" on my post today...I got flamed pretty bad by NavyLCDR though. He takes things to seriously I think!
    Concerning your reply to my 05/15/2012 post, I suppose I am much to stupid to figure these new fangled machines out, being the laymen that I am and the poor English skills I posses so, maybe you are able to view the YouTube, NRA sponsored short. I am sorry I bothered you with my stupid request.
    Hi, are you a subscriber to the Front Site email or thread? This P.M.’s laugh out loud has a YouTube skit with the “Gunny” paid for by the NRA. It concerns the Second Amendment. I do not know how to post it in a thread but folks that do not receive this email may like to view the short.
    Not a problem. But I have noticed that we have a lot of the same views on certain things. + it's always good to have a new friend!
    Tucker's Mom,
    Thank you. I've been bitter about that ever since those happened. Unions' only purpose is to increase their power and to propagate their mindset.
    Thank you for your support.
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