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  • Hello, I would like to understand why your system is broken. I have been a verified member now for a few days and still cannot edit my profile, set an Avatar, or configure a signature. What gives? Should I take it as a sign and just leave ~ letting everyone I come across know of my bad experience with this site?

    Please advise.
    My friend is getting ready to renew his permit. The question came up about Alcohol and a couple years ago he had a DUI, will he be denied his permit now?
    Hi Luke, I love the site and spend a lot of time here lately. I want to enter the ccp give away, but can't post anything. And when I click on the links to the supporter page, it says that the forum or site doesn't have any payment options.....? Can you tell me how to enter? Thanks.
    Hey Lukem, you once told me to come to you if I have an issue with another member. this guy, Axeanda45 , is flaming the board like a fiend!
    I am sorry... I dont mean to put this on you but could you please check out his behavior? Thank you!
    i see there was a lucky winner for the giveaway and it wasn't me ;( but glad for him esp if he could use it......however if by chance he doesn't come forth to claim it i'm still very very interested in winning it as i really really really .........wanted to win such a complete and cool package......let us know if he came forth to claim it or not ........thanks and thanks for even offering such a sweet giveaway
    wishing you and yours a wonderful day
    i can't edit that topic post to make it shorter
    if you can do it please edit it so it abides the post rules
    thanks and sorry to have posted the long article
    hope you having a great day where you are

    i just tried again and the edit button was there this time so it has been fixed!
    not sure why i didn't see it the first time
    Hey I posted a thread on bank of america in the firearm politics forum but I realized it should probably be in the businesses against guns forum. Sorry!
    Hi Luke,

    I am pretty new to this forum experience and have question for you. I have looked in the FAQ's and may have missed it; however, When I last tried to reply to a thread I started under General Firearm Discussions titled 'My first encounter with a gun free zone' posted on 04/08 at 2305 hours there was a message saying my post needed approval from a moderator. Why is that?


    Luke, There is a website that is available for general news information. the webmaster (Chuck Waters) has asked if it is permissable to post a link to His website is "Waters World" Main Page. You can take a look at the page and see if it is up to your standards for our members on this website. Chuck can be contacted via watersworld via the "Contact Us" button on his website.
    Thanks, Gary
    Luke, I would like to add these to the shooting ranges in AL if you don't mind. Thanks.

    Blue and Gray Rifle and Pistol Club Home
    Larry's Pistol and Pawn | Huntsville, AL
    Luke, Located on the WV Instructors list is a listing by Concealed Carry Virginia stating that they can provide a online course for WV concealed permits. This is false and I am requesting that be removed from the WV Instructors listing. I have attached the portion of the State statute that clearly states they have to take a class that teaches safety and firing of the firearm.

    I have had students come here having to re-take a class after taking the one on line. It will not be accepted.

    Troy Mynes

    (d) All persons applying for a license must complete a training course in handling and firing a handgun.
    The successful completion of any of the following courses fulfills this training requirement:
    Please remove my profile. Thank you.
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