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  • Dear Sir,
    I apologize for what would normally be considered a childesh request. But is there anything that can be done concerning the member Detroit .45 ACP? He is clearly not interested in purposeful anything. His only intent seems to be to cause discord and instigate those with opposing views. His recent posts are valid proof. I know I am still fairly new here and am still feeling my way around about how things work. But if you could set aside some time concerning this issue, I would appreciate any efforts made in resolving the matter. I would feel confident in saying that I am not the only person who feels this way. Thank you for your time. Good Day
    Hey Luke,

    I sent you an e-mail a few days ago from my work account to see if you wanted to add a pistol safe to your giveaway package. I work for, and if you are interested, you can e-mail me there at [email protected], or at my hotmail address [email protected]


    Not sure who this boneaddy is. Have never seen him post. But congrats to him anyway
    Luke, There a few You Tube videos out there by Steve Lee that are just fabulous. These musical videos are guaranteed to bring a smile to any freedom loving American, especially gun owners. Where and how might be the best place to share with USA Carry members?

    "I Love Guns", and "Gun Shy Dog" are my two favorites. He has at least four posted in YouTube. Check them all out and let me know what you think.
    hey outstanding site.Given the recent law and reciprocity changes would it be possible to update your maps to current status. A lot of information is inaccurate and outdated.
    Washington State Forum - Gun Ranges
    The 1st listing (Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop, Spokane) is ANTI Open Carry. I suggest posting a line to inform folks about this issue. The owner has made it quite clear that OC into the store IS NOT permitted. There are various threads on Open Carry about this issue.
    I just moved here from Illinois and looking to apply for a ccw permit.Can u point me in the right direction.
    Wanted you to see what I posted. I really like the second design. Not sure I would wear the first design unless it was a small logo on left side of a regular type polo shirt. That would be cool especially if embroidered. More money but worth it.
    Here's what I posted>>>I agree. The second one is the one that I would order. Hope Luke gives that option. I love the understated look but it also gets the point across without looking like an in your face type thing. I think it would create more inquiry from the non carrying population (a chance to educate) without them being turned off.
    Hope the second one will also be available in a sweatshirt of very good quality. I'd pay the price.
    Thanks and take care.
    Good morning. A quick question. Why doesn't posts in any of the groups show up in my statistics postings?
    I was happily, I thought, retired when earlier this year my wife announced that I was bored and need to find something to do. Being the good husband I complied and became a certified NRA instructor and subsequently built an outdoor pistol and small bore range here in Dade County in Northwest Georgia. On Target at Fox Mountain is open Wed - Friday 12 to 5, or dark whichever comes first, and Saturday 10 to 5. Drop by and see us if you're in the area. Web site is still under construction but On-Target at Fox Mountain Range - Shooting Range in Rising Fawn, GA will give you info.
    I am retired, bi-vocational Baptist music director/concert artist/music evangelist with volunteer law informent and military background. I have carried open and cocealed for more than 35 years.
    Glad to be back, I have been a member for some time and just don't get to the site often enough. I am currently stationed overseas so haven't had to look up any info in quite awhile. I really appreciate the hard work and research that goes into the sight.
    Luke, there is someone who just posted in general firearms, looks like a new sign up has 1 post ? my wife and I dont think he is someone who would be welcome here, looks to have a real bad attitude
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