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  • HunterLee,
    Been out of the loop for the last several months. Just getting back online after house being broken into while I was out of town. No firearms stolen,probably cause I carry most of them with But there was a shotgun, 30.06,and .270 in the house but they did not find them I guess. Got my computers,some gold,knives and other stuff. Lucky I have insurance and got compensated for most of it.
    Take care,
    Good to hear from ya. I am kinda new to the State. Moved here from the Atlanta area about 2.5 years ago for work. Ended up blowing out my back and having to have surgery. Right before that happened I bought a home in Wiggins. I love the small town feel of Wiggins and hope to heal up enough one day soon to get back to work and eventually purchase about 40 acres out this way somewhere. Hopefully a piece of land that is surrounded by Fed Land that will never be subject to new homes being built around me. I want land to have my own personal gun range on.
    We have a free range out here just north of us in a place called Brooklyn, near Ashe Lake. It is a 100 yard range and pretty nice for free. Maybe you can come out this way sometime and we can hit the range. Let me know. 601-928-7276

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