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  • Everytime I see you post a friend of mine pops in mind and I couldn't figure out why. Until I read your " about me", it sounds just like something she say and likes are exactly same. Anyways, nice to meet ya
    As far as pictures of state issued CCW and Carry Permits, doesn't your prospective boss have a book full of them? Additionally, just under the banner on this page is a link to Concealed Permit Inf. A map of the United States will show up. Simply click on the state you wish to see and a facsimile of the permit is displayed with a listing of the state laws currently in force. Good luck with the new job.

    Thanks! The community is full of tough men. Luckily some are pretty nice at least in the blog area. I liked all the info here so thought I would join. Great to see a girl holding her own.
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