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  • Luke:

    I edited my CCW Connecticut instructor's profile this morning and clicked on saved and I think it disappeared!
    Herb Furhman, HF LearnSafety LLC
    Hi, my name is Kim. I enjoy shooting but have not purchased my first gun as yet. Looking forward to new friendships and learning from y'all.
    I appreciate your concerns; however, I am currently very involved in my home state's legislative actions and not necessarily the fed involvement in those. To me, it begins with the state and the to the feds.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE ya friend there! :) If I can help locate any pricing please hollar, we appraise 1 up to collections, working on a 70 piece collection now. I really enjoy the site and tell all my classes about it! Thanks for doin it all!
    hey lukem, i found a used mossburg 500 in good condition. they want $250.00 for it . is this a fair price? i cant find any info on pricing so i thought i'd ask. seems all gun prices are going up conciderably by the day.
    Can you change the link from to I revamped the website so it can be utilized anywhere in the country, not jsut Tucson. I got requests form other cities and we are already set-up and have volenteers running their own GunBurger groups in WA, KS, MN, as well as Phoenix AZ. Thanks!

    If anyone will do the work of moderating their areas databases and a facebook group (recruting members, organizing group dinners, etc...), we will set it all up for them, no cost.

    Luke, can we set up a forum for Women Who Carry, CC, or Shoot?

    Originally Posted by eaccents
    I wish there were a forum here for WOMEN who carry, stating their height, weight, body shape, weapon, method of carry, and any other relevant/helpful information (ladies, this is anonymous so no need to hedge about the true statistics! [grin]) It would save the rest of us a lot of trial and error (and the requisite collection of holsters!). ...

    gdcleanfun: I don't know how this is done but you can always talk to Luke McCoy, the site's owner, about setting one up. I think it's a great idea! I'd join! Debi R.

    Luke, can we set up a forum for Women Who Carry, CC, or Shoot?

    The check for this coming months advertising should go out around the first of Jan.

    I still have the issue with my site supporter marker. I'm sure it's not a top priority and I understand however I am proud to support your site and thank you for the opportunity to utilize it. Thank you again - Wreckmaster
    hello, please add me to the m-16 group members. i own a bushmaster m-4w/tac.light&laser,forarm pistole grip,harris bi-pod and simmons 3x9x50mm.scope
    I noticed that my site supporter marker is not showing up on my profile or forum chats. Can you check on this for me? I checked to make sure my subscription was paid and it is current. Thank you- Wreckmaster
    Thank you for the happy birthday as well. It was an unexpected pleasant surprise.
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