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    Why Do You Carry Concealed?

    Welcome to the forums GaCop!
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    What is your everyday carry gun?

    What is everyone carrying right now? I'll go first. My current EDC is a Glock 48 MOS with a Shield Sights RMSc. I'm having a regular Glock 48 cut for a Holosun 507k which will then be my main EDC and the Glock 48 MOS will be a backup. I'm carrying that in a Phlster Pro Holster with DCC clips or...
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    New Member Welcome Thread 4

    Use this thread to introduce yourself instead of creating a new thread. This cuts down on the amount of "welcome" threads showing up in the forums. That said. Welcome to the forums!
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    Advice for New Concealed Carriers?

    What is one piece of advice you'd give to new concealed carriers?
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    Cuban and Illegal Cigars

    It is at the top.
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    concealed carry license holder subjected to background check for new firearm

    I wouldn't say it is standard practice in all states. I'm in Louisiana and our 5-year permit allows us to bypass the check.
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    concealed carry license holder subjected to background check for new firearm

    You are correct and you can see that stated here:
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    July 4 plans?

    I’ll be at a concert that evening which means I’ll be unarmed unfortunately. But at the very least, I’ll have a trauma kit on me.
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    Is the Tapatalk plug in gone?

    We switched over to a new forum software and am still getting things worked out. I will be trying to get Tatapatalk up and running again.
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    USCCA vs CCW Safe

    I have been a member of the Link Removed since 2007. They were only a magazine back then. They offer legal protection as well as training videos, etc. That's who I'd recommend.
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    What do you think of the new Mossberg MC1sc?

    I just did a write-up on the MC1sc pistol Mossberg announced today. What do you think? Who is looking to get their hands on one? While it would take a lot for me to switch from my current carry guns (G43 and G19), it is nice to see Mossberg...
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    New Member Welcome Thread 3

    The last one got too big so I have started a new one. Post here for new welcomes. Please don't start new threads.
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    Inexpensive subcompact or compact under $350 preferably

    I think it is better in the fact that you can convert it to different modes of carrying instead of being stuck with just IWB. You can also get different shells to work with different pistols.
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    Inexpensive subcompact or compact under $350 preferably

    Yes. I used to use a ClockTuck until switching to the ShapeShift. Sent from my iPhone using Link Removed
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    USA Carry Sponsors the All Heroes Open

    USA Carry proud to sponsor the All Heroes Open Fishing Tournament on September 16, 2017 at Hula Bay Club, Tampa, FL. The tournament is put on by Team Addo."We are Veterans that wish to help other Veterans and children in need. Hometown boys from Tampa, both James and Winfield Boggs served in...