July '23 Drill of the Month: The X Drill

One of the more challenging parts of shooting a pistol well is transitioning from target to target quickly while maintaining accuracy.  Transitioning to targets of different sizes is even more challenging as shot cadence becomes a demanding part of the equation.  One drill that focuses specifically on target transitions and shot cadence is the X Drill.

There are several variations of this drill, though they all focus on a similar theme. I conduct this drill by setting up two IDPA targets at 7 yards. On the beep of the timer, draw and fire two rounds to the Down Zero/A Zone of the body target on the left, then transition to and fire two rounds at the four-inch head circle of the target on the right, then fire two rounds at the body target on the right, then fire two rounds at the head target on the left.  Therefore, you are firing at four different targets in a sort of X pattern.  You can switch up the order of this drill as well by starting with either target or starting with a head instead of a body, etc.

The value of the X Drill is that it forces you to transition to different targets, and it also forces you to modulate your speed to hold accuracy for different size targets.  Time-wise, I would submit that doing this drill from concealment in under five seconds, clean, is good shooting, and under four seconds is excellent.


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