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  • Hello my friends. Just checking in and waving the hand to my kind of folks, Keep the fight alive and get them before they get you. Better to be judged by twelve that carried by six.
    Hello all. Been awhile since I've been on here. Been looking for the city list in Missouri for open carry and thought I'd wave the hand out this way.
    Merry Christmas and good New Year to Ya'll..

    Check out the S&W Night Guard Model 315. It's 38 Spec+P not 357 Mag, but still that will do the trick...
    That sounds like some fun right there. I'm looking for a revolver to carry as a second option for a carry weapon. A .357 sounds like something to look into. Thanks for the story and the info. Peace.
    If you like the pop of the .40 get a .357 Mag... REAL BIG POP!!! I was at the range last weekend and I let someone try the revolver... 5 .38 specials and 1 .357 Mag loaded in the cyl. Set the cyl with the first .38 to go. After the first 3 rounds the guy said "It's not so bad". I said "3 more to go, Keep your hands on it"... He hit #6 and BANG... Heads turned on the range.. He looked back at me and said "what was that?" I said 5 .38 spec and 1 357 Mag... He grinned...

    Yea the BS here in MA is about trigger pull, # of rounds in the mag, style of firearm crap like that... Oh well It's home for now.
    Next thing I'm looking to get is a Dillon Square Deal B Reloader...
    Sounds like MA has some BS going on there. We don't have any restrictions like that here in MO as far as I know. I have a Ruger 9mm and it doesn't hold a candle to my 40cal. I like the big pop I guess. I sure do like your collection you have going on there. I'll have more eventually but these things take time and money. Right now I'm working on rebuilding a cell phone for my daughter...good times. It was good chattin' with you again. Take care.
    I'm still not sure if I'm going to get a 9mm or not, but if I do choose that caliber I'll look at the XD. Thanks...
    Took the 45 to the range today... um um good... I'll be scanning some of the targets and posting pics. I did better than I expected with it. I took a few lbs off the trigger pull (stupid MA compliant BS), but still need a little lighter. I'm at 8lbs now according to the pull gauge. I feel like I'm pinching it not squeezing it. I have the procedure for modification and have completed 2 of the steps. Had to make sure it was still functional.. Peace
    I couldn't be happier with my choice of carry weapon. I did alot of research before I decided on the XD and I don't regret it at all. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in a nice hand gun.
    Thanks.. Believe it or not that S&W model 65 was a gift.. paid zip for it... My brother-in-law, great guy... Check out the new M&P 45acp... New 10/21/09 Adding the pics now... HELL YEA!! BANG!!!!
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