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  • is a beretta 9 a big gun? I see that's what you have. I don' thave a gun----would like one someday---
    I haven't talked to her in a while so my info is probably not too current. Youngstown comes to mind. I'll try and find out and get back with you.
    that's cool! where in Ohio does she live? what county? I'm going to die if you say the county I live in !!!!! haha
    I am a seminarian at an orthodox Anglican seminary in the US and am a candidate for holy orders. I became the focus of faculty anti-gun sentiment when one of the professors discovered that I am armed. The bishop who will ordain me, upon learning about my stand on firearms, informed me that I will not be permitted to CCW while a member of the clergy in his diocese.

    To my knowledge there has been little truly open-minded/ theologically credible debate by clergy about clergy armed for self-defense in recent history. The viewpoint that "it is inconceivable that clergy would contemplate either using firearms or endorsing the ownership of weapons for self defense" needs to be confronted.

    I pray that you have resources (in print or advisory) on "armed clergy". To be heard when I present my position to the school and the diocese, I need to support my position theologically . Any helps you can steer me toward will be greatly appreciated.

    God bless,
    I have a 2001 Camaro SS. Black with a 6 speed. 320hp. Not my daily driver since I only get about 12 or 13mpg around town. I drive a Corolla as my daily drive. What year is your SS?
    Haven't heard from you in awhile.

    Would like to add you to my friends.

    Regards, Scout
    Nice to see you here! I have met some great shooting women in my life. My wife just started shooting and learning about pistols. We are both hopless computer geeks as well.
    A Taurus 45 ACP website by Vernon and Scottieluvr's Doghouse (wife's site)
    btw "she" helps me out with the html code and such.
    Thank you for your comment on my avatar. My horse only has room for one. Your hubby will have to get his own horse....hahaha.

    Nice to meet you gdcleanfun.

    Regards, Scout
    Hi, yes it is good to see other women. I don't post lots, there is just so much to read and learn her. The people are pretty nice too. Nice to meet you.
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