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  • Hey, Gabbie

    Sorry for the delayed reply. Have jumped from the frying pan into the fire, here. I run one company (accounting practice) and started another this summer (private security) which has exploded! Not enough time in the day to get everything done. Something will have to give. Leaning toward security, since it's more fun and allows me to write everything off (guns, ammo, trips for training, etc.).

    Glad to hear things are going swimmingly for you. I'll try a longer response here soon. Yeah, let's catch up some more.

    Hiya, Gabby! Great to hear from you!

    Enjoying school and that Fla weather? We've got a winter storm warning posted here, so expecting snow later tonite and the rest of the week. Yikes. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I'm doing here!! I guess it's easy living if you can stand a "bit" of winter.

    Studies going well? Remind me again what you are majoring in. You should be, what, a sophomore this year? Getting there. Be done before you know it.

    I assume you're doing a lot of riding (I forget the proper equestrian term). Good places to ride, I bet, what with palm trees and all that.

    Stay in touch, kiddo. If you get to feeling like "snow" sometime, come on up!

    Hey Gabby...I do show my Percheron draft mare Smoke. We do English pleasure, I guess that is what it is, walk/trot, ladies work cart driving, log pull obstacle, skid obstacle, things like that. She is a great all around mare and has such heart! Never have done dressage but love to watch others do it and see it. What is the biggest town you are near in PA? I go to Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg to see my best friend, how close are you to those cities?
    Howdy Gabby...I see you ride too, that is great! What discipline do you ride? Do you show? Where are you? Thanks for the add as a friend...nice to see I am not the only one who has a horse...
    You can always still take training. Not a bad thing to have under your belt. What is the status of concealed carry in PA?
    Say, GabbyDP

    How long have you had your permit? Have you ever had any serious weapons training? Just curious; I've signed up for a 5-day defensive handgun course this spring. Although I've carried pretty much all my life (legal and otherwise), I figured that a) true hard-core, rigorous training is necessary if one is going to carry; b) it helps to establish your credibility with LE; and c) of course, helps to develop a shoot-no shoot mentality.


    I guess the question is when you are in fear for your life. I obviously don't advocate shooting anyone because I got punched, but my point was that I think a woman might be able to where a guy cannot. Recently, we had a guy beat to death outside a bar here in town; and of course that happens everywhere, all the time, it seems. So, I don't know...when you say "shoot if you get punched" it doesn't sound right, but it only takes one good punch or kick to the head and you're serously injured or dead. I have already stated my personal philosophy of self-defense (be aware, don't go where you shouldn't, leave), but I think it's encumbent upon all CCW holders to develop their own, within the confines of the law.
    I'm screwing up my posting here as I am getting used to this site. I posted earlier on an open forum, I think, where I disseminated on the advantage that women might have when dealing with law enforcement. I KNOW it's sexist but I truly believe that if someone punches me, breaks my nose, and I shoot 'em, I'm gonna have a tougher time with LE than the "typical" woman who does the same thing. Do you agree?
    Hey GabbyDP,

    Thanks for the welcome and forgive me again for my inadvertent rattling of the gender cage. One thing about women with CCWs, it sure goes a long way to equalize the sexes from a physical standpoint (and that's the way it should b). Hope I'm not digging the hole deeper, here! Anyway, nice to meetcha, look forward to your posts.

    Welcome aboard. I sure like your name. Though it's not my given name, my name on Gather.com (a writers' site) is Gorgeous Gabby.
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