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  • Wow, sorry I missed reading your email. Don't mean to ignore! I should come back to this site more often. My SS is a '95, dark cherry red, shifter on the column, no tach. I like her anyway! lol 220,000 + miles and going strong. She was my graduation present to myself from college (I was a late bloomer) and then my commute car. I live in the greater Los Angeles area most of my working life. I'll bet your Camaro is fun to drive. My first DH and I owned a 1978 Trans Am, black with the eagle decal and T tops. Kids on the street used to stare at the "Smokey and the Bandit" car. lol It was a blast to drive! He and I worked for GM in Van Nuys for years, making Camaros and Firebirds, before that plant shut down and GM moved production to Canada, where yours was made. I drove a forklift for years at that Van Nuys plant. Can most people say that they even like their job? I loved my job! *grin*
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