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  • Yeh, as soon as someone know's you have a shooting area they are all over you! ****, why go to the range and pay when your friends friend who is a friend of that friend has a place to shoot for free! It's kind of hard to say "no" to them especially if you owe them and it also a neighbor/s. I think what I am going to do is maybe still have them shoot here when they ask, but no friends of theirs. An I have to put my foot down for only an hour. My Dad passed in June of 2009. Wow, been that long since I've been on here??!! Went in to the hospital in March and never made it out of there. Thank you for asking.
    I see alot of new people on here and asking the same things over and over. Hey, whatever...guess I was like that at first Still carrying Concealed here in NH (always) and waiting for my April appointment for my MA LTC. It expired last August and I've been to busy to renew and coming up with that lousy $100.! Catch up with you later....
    Hey Buddy,

    I got your message on my page. Good to hear from you,sorry to hear about the whole gun range problems. One bag apple can end it for everyone. How is your dad? Last time we talked you said he was having problems. Get back to me. Have to run,when I get my PC up and running I'll. Be on here more.
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