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  • What ideas and or techniques do you recommend to identify yourself as a "Good Guy"?

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    "A badge is a very bad idea if you're not LEO. There are other things you can do to help law enforcement figure out you're not a BG without having a "Mall Ninja Badge". I won't publicly post the ideas or techniques, but feel free to PM me for more info."
    Hey glock fan,
    I saw on one of your posts that you teach the safety handgun class in hawaii. Do you still teach it? I want to buy my first gun soon so Im looking for classes.
    Your Messages are full :(

    Hey there glock fan
    I see your from hawaii too.
    I was just wondering where you can purchase some black powder or gunpowder with the grades 4FA or 1Fg
    I have already contacted the kaneohe gun store and they said they have none...
    Lastly do you need a license to purchase this?
    Wow! Funny thing, that never, ever occured to me! Yet, now that you said it, it makes complete sense! Thank you VERY much for the input. Any further advice you have or ideas.. please feel free to let me know. Thank you again!
    I have to confess--I am el stupido--I bought 4 of them(armed decals) before I saw that blog--Please tell me where i can stick them....don't go there....thanks sh2usn
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