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  • Some ranges also offer rentals to shoot. I truly think a first timer should at least start with a 22 caliber ( no kick) then decide. My wife and I own two 22's. Very cheap to fire, I don't think you will get a cheaper round to fire. I can buy a box of 550 for under 20 dollars. My GLOCK 23 (40 caliber) costs me 23 cents a round. Every four shots I hear a ca-ching (cash register) going off in my head $1.00 please. So we shot a lot of 22 caliber rounds and I'm going to buy a Henry lever action rifle after the holidays IF Santa doesn't get me one for Christmas! RETIRED AND LOVING IT IN MASSACHUSETTS!
    I'm not sure I'm doing this right also. I have a GLOCK 23 (40 caliber). My wife will shot it if she has to but feels it's too sstrong also. I just bought (1/2 hour ago) a conversion barrel to chang it to a 9mm. Not sure if that will work for her but will find out in about four days. It was 99 dollars. If your thinking Glock you might want to think big and get a conversion barrel but you can't go from a small to a large. Good luck!
    ok ,,,,new recipe for ya'll to try ,,,,,,,and there are some that i know how to make but have em in my head ,,,,will try to write em down for ya. let me know how this turns out. all the best Ruger
    Hi Val,,,,, most of the ingredients are just stuff you can get at any grocer,,,garlic salt ,,red pepper,,,black pepper,,,,the usual stuff ya know. Did you try the etoufee? and if so ,,,how did it turn out ?
    Subcompact means it is small and easy to conceal....but it has 17 shots and is caliber 9mm Lugar. Potent little pistol and is a true tactical weapon.....well balanced too
    The Springfield Arms XD9 is a MOST EXCELLENT choice! Get the subcompact model...17 shots. I have both the XD9 and XD45 .45ACP. Both are fitted with the Trijicon nightsights(illuminated) as well as the Insight X2 combo taclight/lasersight. Make sure the one you purchase is minus the thumb safety....something else you gotta worry about if it's on or off. The XD has the palm safety on the's all you need just pick it up and pull the trigger at the moment of truth. The XD is a true tactical pistol and extremely well balanced and dependable. Going price right now average $490.00. The nightsights came with both of mine when I bought them back in September '08 and the Insight X2 is about $190.00
    The only recipe section I know of on this site is the Good-Eats forum, which I see you belong to already. My Baretta 9 is a slightly scaled-down version of a normal-sized 9. It fits better in my hand, though I also have a larger pistol, a 1911 .45, and a few smaller .38 caliber pistols, that I regularly shoot. My advice to you would be for you to visit a gun store, local or maybe something akin to the bigger Bass Pro Shops or Big 5 stores (if they still sell firearms,) and weigh and feel and even take to the range the various pistols or 6-shooters before you decide to purchase something. Once you find the firearms of choice, practice, practice, practice. We need to practice with them until it becomes second nature, just as we do for driving a car or riding a horse. Don't wait too long before you purchase something. As of last November the prices have continued to climb, quite high in fact, even so far as to price my husband and I out of the market. *sigh*
    Okay, sounds good to me, thx. I'd be happy to add you to my friends list.

    My cousin, Shelly, uses the same name, Valkyrie, and she's in Ohio. I just took a chance.
    Okay, sounds good to me, thx. I'd be happy to add you to my friends list.

    My cousin, Shelly uses the same name, Valkyrie, and she's in Ohio. I just took a chance.
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