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  • sorry to here abaouat your recent losses. glad to here your son got his CHL. If you get a chance check ou FamilyFriendsfirearms. That is the other site I am also. God bless.
    Just thought I would say high. Had not heard from you in a while. I have been spliting my time between here and another site
    I just love your screen name! It's good to know there are other gals here, 4 of us so far that I know. Hope there's lots more of us who maybe just don't post.
    I have been to FLA a few times, also Fort Dix - not really NY... I went to Chem school at Dix and then McClellan... I spent some time at some conferences in Tampa... Not sure, I was in FLA a lot for Disney stuff with the family.

    Welcome to the site, there are a lot of great folks here.
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