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  • Tell me about it. I've tried direct confrontation. Addressing his behavior without directly responding to him. Just going to ignore him fully at this point.

    I love blues term for him "leg humper"
    Hey ,
    I know I haven’t been here in a while but I dropped in to let some folks know about another gun forum that needs some help. It’s a forum that dedicated to civil liberties and firearms related issues without some of the insanity that you get here from the lack of moderation.
    The forum is called (link is in my sig). Our membership is low and I’m hoping to invite some folks that I think would be a benefit to the forum to come check us out and help us build up our membership.
    Hope to see you there,
    Message too long so I'll break it into 2 parts.
    Part 1.

    When I first joined USA Carry I was appalled at how many folks had no clue what the right to bear arms is.

    I was astonished to see some folks adamantly defend the infringements on the right to bear arms spouting the same anti gun crap the Brady bunch spews with the only difference being the degree of gun control each wants. Yet both fervently argue FOR gun control.

    I was dismayed that so many folks just accepted the idea that there is supposed to be someone wiser, smarter, more qualified, and with more authority, who, by their being obviously superior to the common man, have the divine power to..... restrict rights according to their own elitist vision of what a right should be.

    Please see Part 2. below....
    Part 2.

    I was disgusted to discover so few were willing to open their minds and entertain the concept that no one "gives" them rights, that no one is so important or so special they should control the rights of others, and that there isn't, never was, a need to control the exercising of rights when all that is necessary is to punish those who would do harm to others for the harm they caused while exercising rights.

    And then I was heartened to see that you, and a couple of others, do know what rights are and how dangerous it is to restrict rights.

    I do believe I will stick around for a while.
    Had to rework this so it came out right. Sorry Y'all... I'm not used to this messaging system.
    Thanks for the message. I take offense when someone picks on the dogs more than the owners. A friend of mine has 2 Pit`s, great dogs. My first dog was a Lab, best dog I ever had, he got beat up by almost every dog he met ( and he was 100#). Then I got my first (male) doberman. I have always had 2 dog at a time, when the lab die, I replaced his with a dob, and have had 2 dob`s since. I will get some pic`s posted, maybe under a thread "my other two open carries". Have a good day.
    My P22 was $399 at Gander Mountain. (Overpriced? Maybe, but it was worth it). Its all black, and its the cooler looking model. I guess they changed the design of it on their new P22s and they look retarded.

    This is the good model
    Redirect Notice

    This is the retarded new model
    Product: P22 Pistol - 3.42"
    A slight differation of friends will cause for good debates lol. Wow axeanda doesn't know when to quit!
    Hey, not quite sure how the private message thing works so Ill say it here. Thanks for backing me up against Axe attacking me. I appreciate it.
    Hey long time no see! I entered you as a friend also today 10-24-2011. Next time you are in the neighborhood bring some toys and we can go out and play. Santa
    If you want to relate it to poker...ok here we go.

    I'm the dealer, the rules are I get a four of a kind of aces, king high every hand, and it's open to the world to see [aka my firearm]. It's not the best hand, but a pretty damn good one. Because it's equivalent to our lives, you have to play all in with everything you own at this table.

    Would you play? It's a short game, if a game at all...

    Btw, my life is not a game. I don't want to try and sucker someone in, just to yell surprise and end their life [aka concealing].
    Well... I like logic, and I like liberty. I am not a fan of any hysterical, emotional, individual attempting to establish limits on others based on their own irrational processes.

    I try not to respond to many of the posts here, I'm sure I'd be banned pretty quickly. I can't wrap my head around some of the silliness (and outright trolling) that goes on here, and the cadre of mindless "mee too" followers.

    By the time I think I can respond with civility, you, or Navy, or someone else has already said what I was thinking. So I will "like" for a while, and post when I can.

    In other words, yes, I like your posts! And I live in PA, and I OC everywhere I go (except work). If I can't OC, I don't go.

    Carry on!

    The profile picture was when my wife's family, my wife and I, and my God Father met up at the gun range in Cali. The little holes are .22 when we were teaching some nephews how to shoot a rifle. The 2 large holes are .500 magnum from a S&W 500 at about 50 yards. Last 2 rounds I had left...I know I am not a marksmen, but I have had my moments.
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