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  • Just noticed the bit you wrote about an avatar and eventually worked out how to put one up. I'm a bit slow ;-)
    We don't have a holiday right now. We do have Christmas of course and schools break up for about 6 weeks or so during that part of summer. But I hope you enjoy your holiday season. For me, I'm almost permanently on holiday with golf 3 or 4 times a week, lol.
    Thanks for the compliment Eagleeyes. I can't tell you how long it took to get that pic looking right, it was a Camera Club self portrait project. I think I may have taken about 40 or more pics to get it looking the way I wanted it.

    I have to say I have enjoyed reading some of your thoughts on various posts you have made in the forums. Thanks for accepting my friendship request.


    Thank you for the warm welcome! Yes, we do have a lot that we agree on! Although we are thousands of miles away, it's nice to know there are others like us that see certain topics eye to eye.

    Thanks once again for welcoming me to the site. Have a great day!
    ok peeps i'm leaving town for 10 days so if you try to pm me or send a message and it don't get through it may be because i couldn't clear those folders to make the space ..as of now it's all been cleared ........hope to see you all when i return. i'm leaving in the morning so behave whilst i'm away .....
    Evidence based medicine is solid, controlled, tested, outcome based,and peer reviewed science. The treatment vs. outcome changes not! It forces us to discard what we might have thought was good treatment a few decades ago for something that actually works better for our patients!
    Folklore, witch-doctoring, tradition, and hocus-pocus is all in the eye of the beholder and changes depending on who is selling it!
    Do you have bears in your neighborhood? I saw the video online of two
    bears duking it out in someone's yard.
    Two Bears Brawl in Florida Neighborhood - Yahoo! News
    thank you friend! I am a big fan of Alex Grey.
    I look forward to seeing you around the forums..
    peace & love!
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