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  • I have had a rough couple of years. Fostered my best friends son, then she died. Last Nov right before Thanksgiving my dad died. On my knees so to speak lots! I too have not been on here so much, but do drop in from time to time. I hope all is well in your world.
    Lisa - BTW My oldest son is graduating college this May and he will get his CCL and continue in the fight to keep and bear arms.
    hey hk4u. i was wondering if you have a link or somthing to a lamens term of the texas law for ccw. id love to refresh my mind on it and the book i got with my ccw calss is legal bull that noone understands. thanks buddy!
    There is nothing wrong with carrying a 38. Although my son has a Glock the gun he most often carries is a little 5 shot air weight Smith and Wesson. My wife and daughter the same. My son in law wants to get an auto but right now carries a Colt Detective snub nose. I will check out Kimberly's site. Have a great day and be safe.
    Yes, I had a LOT of fun at the Ladies Shooting clinic. Maybe in the future I can afford to buy a 9mm Walther. Right now I have a little 38. The club has every other Wed. open to the public (for indoor range). But it's only for 22 guns and I don't have one....but one of the instructors let me know, she will let me borrow one of her 22 handguns. Her name is Kimberly Hobart ...look her up on the computer. She has many national title.
    I have not. Usually go to the one on 377 between Benbrook and Cresson or to Elks castle in Fort Worth.
    I tlooks like we both view a lot of the same posts and I usually agree with what you have to say. Thats not supprising being that we are both form the same general area. Do you ever get over to the gun range out off of I35W in Flower Mound?
    Ha! Just realized you were from Texas too!! Feel free to give me any advice or wisdom that you have to share.
    Nice to see a fellow Texan! There may be alot of them but since I am new, ya know it takes awhile to figure everything out.
    Just wondering. I had missed your your posts. Have a good time in Ohio. Be safe.
    Lol. Nope not on vacation just been extremely busy at work. I've been reading the forums just have not been able to take time to post. This weekend however I will be in Ohio for a family members wedding.
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