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  • thanks for your support and i see your 'hippies' make you angry avatar ......i'm an ol hippie myself hope i don't make you angry
    PEACE! i is feeling groovy heheh
    Hello festus:
    A long time ago you added me as a friend, my first, and because I didn't know forum etiquette and how to respond, I did not do so - so let me apologize for that. I lately tried to figure out how to ask you to be my friend and think I did that, but maybe not.
    Anyway, just wanted to say I appreciate your friend request and am honored you would be a friend, and hope my lack of response might be overlooked.
    I just wanted to take a moment & thank you. You have distinguished yourself in word & deed to be a man of the finest sort!
    You are an inspiration sir.
    Thanks festus.........happy to be considered a "friend"!
    Hello Festus! Back on the net and obummer and company are doing their best to 'not' add-hearing to the constitution and your plan sounds great! Will emailing the powers that THINK they're in control?
    Hey festus, Glad to know ya. I've read some of your posts and like what I see, you've already got me thinking about some things I hadn't yet though of. Thanks.
    hello festus,from lake helen,fl. still learning my way around the site,not very good with computer,with work being slow i have been spending more time hunting and sitting at the computer
    Hi Guys! Hey HK4U! Good link. HAve you guys googled FEMA OPERATION GARDEN PLOT? I don't know what anyone's ethnic background is, but I'm a Black man living in a Socialists World. Well about to be soon. If you haven't listened to Glenn Beck, or Jesse "The Body" Ventura's cable show Conspiracy theory, you need to. I saw some things this week, that EVEN I, an "Educated Conservative, Veteran, and an American Patriot, wouldn't have beleived some of the things I saw and heard. If it can't be explained away, then all else that seems possible is just as probable. Anyone have an answer for why building 7 at ground zero, fell in like an "Old Vegas Casino"? I would have never thought it had I not seen the video of it falling, and NOTHING IMPACTED OR STRUCK IT. It just went down like a house of cards. OK I guess that's a good way to say Hello!

    I joined your sub MOA group and posted my pics. Thanks for the invite and the friend request. Where do you live, if I may ask?

    festus, do you know anything about the Rand Corp and this document in particular? Boris sent this to me in an e-mail today.

    RAND | Monographs | A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Options for Creating U.S. Capabilities
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