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  • Well that ended well, LOL. One liberal bed wetter gets his feelings hurt and the thread is shut down. I thought that's what a FORUM was about, to share information, discuss and debate issues. It just PROVES the point that was being made. Anything that doesn't make a fucking liberal happy gets taken away from everyone else. I can't support a website that knuckles under to the liberal agenda, or I'd be a hypocrite myself.
    Yeah, I found them at the Air & Space Museum. By then most of the stuff was starting to close so we walked down to the capitol bldg., and then to the White House for a few photos. Ended up getting on the train around 7, to the car around 8, home around 10:30. I was greeted at home by my work cell phone with a txt message on it saying "2:45", indicating the time my co-worker wanted to leave for CT this morning. Fortunately his truck has a bunk, cause I would have been worthless without another couple hours of shut-eye.

    Anyway, I had a great time and was grateful to meet you guys. We'll definitely have to arrange something in the future.
    Great pics from the D.C. SAM, 6shooter. I copied them to my computer...knew you wouldn't mind. My favorite photo...and the most ingenious..."pinching the House". :-) Thank you very much for taking the time to post them.
    DH and I really enjoyed your photos from the Scott Brown rally today. it's always such a a thrill to see Americans (especially Conservative Americans) rallying in support of our Constitution and Constitutionalists running for office. Thanks for sharing these!
    3 of the grandkids are under 9. I ask the wiphe that question about the condition of the country and what's the world going to be like. What kind of legacy are we leaving.
    Our daughters were the first ladies in 5 generations on my side of the clan, Oldest daughter has 2 sons and the youngest has 3 sons.
    Oh Yeah, I under stand, I have 1 of the w's and 3 d's. I should have bought stock in paper products.... Maybe makeup
    Saw your posts about DC in April, Would have been good to to see how you put on that makeup in your avatar...:biggrin:
    Hey, Dave

    All kind of neat, new things on the "Insult my wife" thread. Somebody else has suggested that I'm not fit to carry (sigh...). Think I'll just have to learn to "kill 'em with kindness", instead of a .45.


    Love your bio. Anybody that posts "Can I get an Amen... Louder!!! AMEN!!! Well said." in response to one of my posts is AOK with me. It is so refreshing to be able to meet up with true patriots here at USACarry.
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