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  • So, I'm taking an indefinite sabbatical. I spend way too much time in front of the computer in general, and on USA Carry specifically. I've un-subscribed to all threads, so forgive me if I don't reply to them. I'll still receive PMs, so if you wish to say "Hey", feel free to PM me.

    Best wishes to all of you,

    Yea I get the lack of sleep thing.. I maybe had 1.5 hours of sleep coming down Monday AM and the trip home was no better.. Maybe 2 hours of sleep on the way home. Got off the bus and had another 1 hour drive home. KN1080 had another 30 minute ride home. It was after 1 AM by the time I landed in bed.
    Glad you and family had a good time.

    Sorry I didn't get to finish. I love the flag you are using for your avatar. I wanted to know in you know where it is from? Hint: (Texas Revolution)
    Hello Tim,

    Welcome. This is a great site. A lot of fantastic topics and a variety of useful information. Be safe and well my friend.

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