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  • I got a blackhawk and sent it back. Felt chincey so I'm still using the original.
    Howdy, saw your post about getting a different stock on your 300 mag, what did you go with? I am going to change mine too.
    Thanks doc. It's not their fault. I don't take it personally. I just don't have time to waste flogging dead horses any more. The liberals are attacking the 1st and 2nd amendment like never before on all fronts and the way I see it you're either part of the solution or part of the problem. Look at this poor bastid. ‘1 Down 534 To Go’: Blogger’s Gun License Suspended After Threatening Post | The Blaze

    and this guy (though he went a little overboard). YouTube - Wife Calls Cops On Man Preparing For Martial Law In Massachusetts

    It's getting crazy.
    I think Admin here needs to pay a little more attention to who is really disruptive and take them out in it's infancy. Some good folks left this site. Always enjoy you post.
    Same thing happened on the forums related to my work, and I was a freaking FOUNDER of the website! I quit being an Admin there so I could say what I wanted to, and then the whiners started calling the owner one night bitching, and my buddy who owns it, gave me my own damn section where I could post ANYTHING except porn, and like you said, they followed me into that section where you have to ASK permission to enter, and STILL started bitching! I just don't go there any more to keep my buddy from having to listen to the shit. I'll still read here but will refrain from posting if I can help it.
    In response to your visitor message post... Its the same fucking thing that happened when the religious shit hit the fan here. Crying and whining they went and got what they wanted. Another site was provided for the folks who wanted both (like we were being marginalized) and the same assholes who made it necessary went there to make it happen all over again. I recall sending a PM to you with the link to another site that does not tolerate this kind of crap. And when they ban folks there they make the right choice... I'm part of the fray here and I guess I like the fight, so I'm gonna keep at it until I'm told to leave... Perhaps pushing the issue... If you need the link mentioned above let me know I'll PM it again...

    Peace fellow soldier...
    Thank you, I appreciate your support, and will keep it confidential. I'm already getting nasty PM's from people I haven't even communicated with. I care nothing for myself. I carry on for the sake of our children who will inherit this country and hope they don't curse us in our graves.
    Keep up the good work, Owl. As a former police officer [I (was fired) quit because I couldn't take the institutionalized assaults on my beloved Bill of Rights] I agree with your posts 100%.
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