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  • Hello! Thought I'd stop in to say hello, I hope you are doing well, it has been so long since we have caught up!
    LOL I married the boy next door. I was the past next door and still am a pest. So for 53 of my 63 years we have been together. Congratulations on 44. Ours was June 22.
    I am 63 and married for 42 years. I fear as you do that there will be a mandate to "die". On one of my other sites that I post to my signature includes this:
    A country that kills its own children is a country without HOPE.
    Would you mind if I asked you to be my friend?
    i'll pray for you that your surgery goes well and you will be seeing better soon, i am looking at when they decide to do my right eye first and then the left later. hope it improves my vission as i have to have it done at the v.a. best of luck.
    hello CSW&M, i have read many of your post and you have sound judgement and we seem to have so many of the same values. i hope you will accept my friend request.
    Hello CWM, hope you don't mind me using initials for your name. I just got back to the computer yesterday after a tooth extraction, and noticed that the Iceman is gone. He must have really made someone mad. By the way, my name is Ed and you can refer to me as that if you like. Duke is a title I inherited from my family, but seems way to formal, and one would think I am putting on airs if I were to use it. It's more of a joke or screen name to me. Hope all is well with you, Warm Regards,
    Thank you for your understanding, and wonderful posts. I have enough enemy's on this board (Iceman) etc. Most have been banned though, thank God! I have a problem with people who like to provoke or incite an incident, like the above mentioned. It is rare but I do call people out sometimes. For what it is worth, when I post something I am either trying to help, or to gain clarification on an issue. I never intentionally try to demean, degrade, or use malice in my writings, but sometimes it does seem that way. I thought the wooddoctor was going to be another Charles Cooper until I re-read his posts and he does make sense, and isn't baiting anyone. Again hope all goes well with the surgery, you are in my prayers.
    I sure do like your picture, and your posts. Who is that in the picture and what kind of gun is it?

    good post C W&M, seems like all the liberal states are going to hell in a hand basket, MA cant keep up with their mandated health care system, Chicago cant control their own streets, and CA cant pay it's citizens their State refunds, (if there is such a thing there) somehow, conservative states are making progress, Tx, AZ, AK, and others. we have to keep on these people because the liberal press will just cover it up, as they have all along
    We had some fun and shook our fists at both houses... It was good to meet all that made it...
    If you would like the full size pictures PM me with email address and I will send them along..
    Dear C W&M : I can't agree more ! I don't worry about real Christians murdering me or hurting me it's those who won't accept Jesus . Those who are not of belief are the one who most really don"t want us to have firearms . By the way I had my permit 1 week ( across from Green Valley Highschool where Obomm visited a couple of months ago ) try to rob me in broad daylight . I went back in barbershop and waited .They hid their junk car in the parking lot . God look over me as I was leaving they were 2 cars in front . My wheelgun was under my leg near strong hand . Very frighting , didn't sleep weal that night . I can't quote verse but God has protected me many times when I was a salesman in Chicago with no permit available . I'll give Nevada that . God Bless Rich of Henderson
    C W & M. I thought you might like to take a look at some of the following quotes from two wites. A lot of them a duplicates but some are just on one or the other site.


    New World Order Quotations
    i'm sorry if i got it wrong, it was a post about the health care bill and said that if it passed that the goverment would be able to access your medical records. if you were ever prescribed something like valium then they could deny you a ccw! just about every one has been depressed at one time or another, i have been diagnosed with adjustment disorder(p.t.s.d.) but this way they don't have to pay for it. can you immagine how this could affect the 2nd.admendment?
    hello CW&M! i can't find where you said to seal your medical records, but my problem is that i recive all my medical care at the V.A. hospital, and don't know if i can have them sealed. any advice you could provide would be most helpfull. thanks; oldvet53
    It was a powerful sight... I was in awe of the support for this man. I wanted all of you who have been showing such support for this, to see what I got to see. MA that far to the right? Hell Yea!!
    We all feel the same: Obama speaks of change. Well here it comes pal!!.. A vote for Mahtha (typed in native New England speak) is a vote for business as usual here in MA. A vote for Scott Brown is the vote for CHANGE!!...

    Just had to say wow! Haven't seen her in ages! Isn't that "Annie Oakley" of the TV series? Love this type of time travel.
    Aw shucks... Now I'm blushing... Thank you mam' (my black Bailey hat tips forward with a downward nudge from the tips of my fingers)... Good folks here on this site. We all have things in common and we enjoy this "gun thing" that some Americans believe is wrong and ugly. Oh well their loss.. Welcome... (Right hand extended)..
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