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  • I'm assuming the "problem" with my avatar you found so despicable to view, has somehow gone away. This, I'm just assuming has allowed you to go on viewing it without too awfully much annoyance and displeasure. I'm glad you have finally found a way to allow yourself to view my wife's beautiful legs without making a public, stupid, spectacle of yourself on a public forum.

    You could have P.M.'d me with this, but you didn't. Instead you chose to take it public, and make it a public spectacle. My reply to all of this is to simply say FUCK YOU! Who the FUCK do you remotely think you the fuck are? "You would consider it a favor" if I removed it. Really? How about if I considered it a favor if you took your replies elsewhere? You insult my wife like some kind of self appointed God, and expect me to react? GO FUCK YOURSELF JAGOFF!! Please feel free to contact me if you remotely have the balls, you gutless, totally worthless asshole. Bill T.
    What is the problem with my avatar? I get nothing but compliments on it from most everyone. You in fact, are the first to complain. There is nothing indecent or improper about it. Because of that, I see zero reason to change it. Bill T.
    Thank you for your kind comments, GOV5. My avatar photo is of Gail Davis portraying Annie Oakley in the 1952-1956 Syndicated TV series of the same name. It was broadcast in black & white and there were 83 thirty minute episodes in all. The story took place in Diablo, Arizona and Oakley (Gail Davis) was a gun-toting, hard ridin' rancher.Gail Davis was a crack shot and skilled rider and so did most of her own stunts. She died in 1997 of cancer.

    In the photo she's shown with a six-shooter revolver. An online search disclosed that she used a .22 revolver. But, I'd be willing to bet it's a Colt .45 instead. :biggrin:
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