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  • Jack,

    Sounds like you are overwhelmed! I hope things slow down a bit for you, but just enough to get all your ducks in a row (any work is good work right now!). Yes, let's catch up more when you have the opportunity :yes4:

    Hi, I'm getting back in touch again! How are you? Did you make it through the winter? I finally turned 21!!! I will have my ccw permit application sent in by the end of the week, I am very excited. And I already have plans to go shooting again with some friends here in Florida--never hurts to try a lot of different guns? I am still in the selection process. I had an interesting encounter when I went to try smaller handguns at a shooting range down here. They told me I had to be over the age of 21 to shoot a handgun, even though I was with someone over the age of 21--Florida State Law apparently! Interesting situation for sure, particularly because a sheriff told me that is in fact not the law. Regardless, it set me back a bit. But I'm officially 21, and hopefully I won't have any more encounters like that, but I will say I don't have intentions of going back to that range. Hope all is well with you, let's catch up!
    Jack, I just logged onto FFF. Those pom-pas jackass Mods over there still will not return my emails. It is a shame...Dr.Dave and several others seem like real cool folks and miss there wisdom. Like always, glad to see ya here and making us think.

    I remember something about it but not the details. I do remember it being weird and seems like a few refused to believe it.
    JJ, Anti Banning Smiles..... Try it it might work for you. I will let wooddoctor know about it also. Keep up the good work!!
    I dropped off the forums again...this college stuff really gets in the way ;) I recently took a CCW Handgun Intro Course (I'm still not 21, 9 months to go) but enjoyed the class anyway. Thought of you when I signed back in and wanted to say hi! How is everything with you?
    Not too good on all this message stuff. Just found your question concerning a reply I may or may not have made. Cannot be sure but nice to hear from you. Didn't mean to ignore any messages you may have made.
    please read and comment on my post about asking hard questions to any one running for elected office. any input is appreciated. the post is on the 2nd.Ammendment forum
    Check your inbox... I got the message and responded via email.

    Peace and good Thanksgiving to you and the Yankee Mrs,
    Hey Jack,
    I noticed that... Good job... The “What ifs”, gotta love em’... I noticed that some folks just don't get the "topic of conversation" thing. It's just a topic of conversation, not the entire make up your thought process or the way you deal with other people all the time... Geeze... A good sense of humor is required and some thick skin here lately. I've been kinda tired and feeling unwell for a few days. I've had a bad ear infection (which I believe can be attributed to listening to Barack Obama talking all his crap about the Health Care proposal).. I saw the message and smiled. Thanks that’s twice in the span of a week.

    I am doing well! To be honest, I have not been on in quite a while! Quite the transition between my parent's going through a divorce, a move to Florida to attend school full time, and moving my horse down with me. I decided to log on tonight and see how everyone is doing and what I have been missing! How are you? Hope all is well.
    I can't believe that I just noticed that I had an unread message. I hope it's not too late to respond. I usually stay at the Saddle West in Pahrump, although the Best Western is a good place as well. Saddle West has a great buffet and free buffet tickets with your room, but no Wi-Fi. They also sell a really good box lunch for $4. I usually attend 4-6 classes a year so maybe we'll run into each other. Occasionally I bring my 5th wheel down and stay at the Saddle West RV park.
    Very true, I've considered :) Status? Not sure...you mean as far as getting a CCW out of state and if it recognizes other permits? I've been informed that if I apply for a permit in ND or ME(? I need to double check those..) that PA will recognize my permit because I am over the age of 18. Was that your question?
    No and no, I'm 18, so I cannot apply to carry CCW in the state of PA, unless I apply for a permit out of state. So neither, that's actually included in some of my questions when I started the thread.
    Mm hmm, I agree, it's important to develop boundaries and guidlines, particularly when it involves something serious, such as CCW.
    Yes, earlier you posted on an open forum, but so you know, this is still technically considered an open forum, it can be viewed by everyone. I can't say that I agree or disagree, a lot is dependent on the situation. The police officers will assess the situation and take into consideration evidence and their opinion regarding the situation. If you are physically able to fight back, then they will take that into account certainly, and may feel that it was unjustified for you to shoot someone because he punched you.
    Thank you, I appreciate that :) Mm hmm, I agree, CCW does equal out the situation, physically speaking that is :) It's nice to have you here on the forum!
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