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  • Just got your msge.......have'nt been on for awhile. Everything is fine over here, been out of work since Jan 1st for my Back again. I was out for 6 months back in 2008 and after a year and 3 months my Back went out again. I'm covered on Short Term so there is no problem on that end. Just kind of sucks because you end up spending $ when you're home doing things to your house...lol!!! Supposingly, I should be going back Next Monday with restrictions, but then again that can always change because I still don't feel that good.
    How have you been doing?
    capo, long time.....hope things are fine on your end. I have'nt kept up with a story over there in Manchester By The Sea. The one with the guy who had all the weapons; ammo, etc. and shooting range in the attic.......lo. Man, I can't find what happened to him. Any gossip on it you got?
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