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  • Ay stranger........how's it going? Been awhile since I've been on here, hope all is well on your end. My shooting area I built has been put to good use. Just shooting 22's for now since that's all I can afford......lol. Had a few folks over here shooting that I invited but I've come to realize that there is a large liability and I'm all done having them over. Let's just say I had an incident (no injuries) and I had to hear it from the neighbors. So, because of a few bad apples I don't have anyone over to shoot anymore. Actually like it that way. What have you been doing? I think last time I spoke with you, you were selling your gear to make ends meet etc., I think you said you lost your job or something like that. Hope you and Family are well.
    Talk to you later,
    sandown, nh
    Hey bud I was just wondering how you are liking that ri1911 you picked up a few months back? I have a friend of mine looking to get his first carry gun and he really likes the 1911 style and we were checking out an ri 4.5" or 4" size one for $419.
    Dude you never answered the question!!!!! What would you do???? You are making it out to be about race stick to the topic ...... I will say if that was to happen in Detroit .. well lets just say they all fall down!!!!
    Hey, New Hampshire! It is Brian from New Haven, CT. I know that a year or two back you were trying to organize a USACarry get-together for the north-east members. I was thinking that maybe we could get around to actually having one this year. Your thoughts?
    hello, new to the site and concealed carry. Had a question for you, I was reading some past discussions on out of state hand gun purchases and thought you might have some insight. I've been looking at the springfield xdm line for a carry piece but it's "illegal" in mass. Is it possible to purchase in New Hampshire?

    I've seen you're posts everywhere, and I love what you have to say. I'm going to friend you so I can follow some of your posts. I'm not a CCW holder yet (CA, almost impossible) but should be after I move to WA (only takes 90 days, shall issue state). Thanks in advance if you accept.
    Sorry for the delay. I don't get on this forum very often. I live in Missouri... Springfield. thanks for the interest.
    i just saw the shoot out clip in your post
    that is some high adrenaline stuff
    what movie is that from?
    thanks for the input. being irish as well i can appreciate your quote on being the only group impervious to psychoanalsys
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