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  • What's your ideas? I need to come up with a way to get around that insurance ****, we had tried to set up a Walk for OC but once again that fell through as well. People liked the idea at first and then it just kinda died off.
    Sounds good to me. We tried a few years ago but nothing came of it for a few reasons, not enough people wanted to come to it and the city wanted us to have insurance(1M naming the city, one day insurance at that rate was like 300-400.)
    Check this out. I'm a founding member and never pass a cop without handing him a card or pamphlet. Oath Keepers » Oath Keepers – Guardians of the Republic

    Maybe you have seen my face! I did graduate from SCSU (when it was SCSC - a long time ago). One of my daughters got a masters degree there, too, and lives in Hamden.

    Thanks for the welcome.
    I think you sent me a friend request a while back, and i tried to accept it but something broke down. So here is mine.
    They are going to be moving all the production to the plant in Iowa by mid-2010. I think once they start it may be quicker. Thankfully I work at the Fire Dept there, so we and some others will still be there...but long distance future is a little uncertain.
    Thank you. But I have to tell you, I don't agree 100% with the "Call in gay day." Just like the push for acceptance of Gay/Lesbian marriage, I feel it's just asking for GLBT people to find out how much support really is NOT there.

    Many do not realize, we are a smaller minority than some would like to believe. And it's only creating a backlash, bigger than we are.

    Oh well. That's why I carry a gun. ;)
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