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  • Open carry is not about threat, it's about deterrence. Concealed carry has very little if any deterrence.
    Where is the bigger Threat? Open Carry or Conceal Carry. Conceal Carry You have no idea who is armed and who is not....Open Carry removes all Doubt.
    Al, you look nothing like Big Gay Al! Which is a good thing. If you don't have this pic, you need it. I stumbled across it on another forum.
    I hadn't seen those pistols. Although I have seen a pink AR15. :)

    Unfortunately, it's the blatantly outrageous ones who garner most of the headlines, and get most of the attention. So that's how the public at large tend to see most of us.

    And as a gun owner, I actually have more acceptance from the straight crowd, rather than the GLBT community at large.
    Well, Al, I have to agree with you there. While I understand the spirit of the "call out" (sorry, couldn't help myself) I do not think that it is a well thought out plan. I feel the same way about the "pink christmas" thread (those crazy Danes ;).

    My only issue was with the way the referrals to homosexuals seemed to spiral out of control. It seemed like on guy would say something "kind of" inappropriate, and the next would take down a notch, and so on until it got to the "disgusting deviant" level. I decided a long time ago that letting shit like that slide (whether its persuasion, race, whatever) is not the way to be a man.

    I also agree with you on the number issue. I have always found the 10% claimed by lots of groups to be "optimistic". That said, I think that you might be surprised at how much acceptance the movement is accruing. Unfortunately, sometimes the gay pride parades (although I love to watch them!) also tend to scare a lot of people whom might otherwise be a bit more tolerant. Oh, well, thank goodness for SOME activist judges ;)

    You have seen the new charter arms

    Or if you like the autos
    Hey, Al! It is good to have an openly gay shooter on the boards that can help me out a bit. Although not gay myself, I am a big proponent of gay rights. Unfortunately, some of the lads/lasses on the board are not quite as tolerant (ex. see the "Call in "gay" day tomorrow?? " thread under off topic). That said, IMHO outreach is best with a grin and a handshake, despite my avatar. Welcome!
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