Question for all, what do you use for home defense?


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For myself it's a mix between my custom Mossberg 500 persuader, or my Sig P226 all steel.

Typically, I have my Sig P229R Equinox .40 S&W, which has night sights, right next to the bed with 2 extra mags, a flashlight and some electronic ears.
Mossberg 500 loaded with #4. Also have a Mossberg 500 Slug-gun sitting next to it. Keep a 45 Colt Defender next to me in living room, and have a 357 and 40 in nightstand. That is not getting carried away, is it? I do not go to the door without my 45 in my hand (I live in the woods - if someone is at my door it is very unusual.
They are all loaded and the little one is a 9mm (I traded my P3AT for a Contender .45LC), so what difference does it make?
a 303 enfield carbine next to the bed ,have pistols but prefer a short rifle instead think i would do better in court that way if i ever had to use it,hard to miss them as they come up the stairs,one shot should do it instead of 2 or 3 with a pistol.
Most of the time I have possession of my Draco AK pistol when at home or any gun at hand that I keep near.
It would depend on which room I am in when I need it. From the bedroom I would start out with my XD 45acp then an ak then an 870.
My first line of defense is bars on windows and doors. Next would be my alarms system. I prefer to keep them out if I can. If they manage to get through these then a couple of myf handguns are at the ready at all times. I like handguns because I can keep them close to the body which makes them harder for someone to grab. If I feel the need to increase the firepower for some reason then of course I can go to a rifle or shotgun next.
For the house I use my Kimber Ultra Carry IILG because that is what I carry . I did take a Judge in on trade that is nice too. I have a 870 close by and a safe full of bad guy fun. Pity the guy that tries to break in my house. After I call my bad ass Dog "Dammit" off them they better run. The alarm will get the cops there in about an hour. If they get shot they will bleed out before help arrives. By help I mean for them.
For me I have 2 options from the bedroom. First is a Remington 870 tactical or a Kimber Custom II 1911. The wifes first option from the bedroom is a Sig 1911 C3. Other rooms in the house have different options.
Home defense in order of magnitude:

- Door Locks
- Me 6' & 235 lbs.
- 6 cell Mag Light (Really nice skull thumper)
- Cold Steel Trail Master
- Cold Steel Gurka kukri
- Beretta 92 FS with CTG
- Ruger SRH loaded with 180 gr JHP specials
- Trusty Savage Fox BSE with #4 shot

Oh yes, lastly I would call 911 for a tax paid LEO to come save me before the BG did something evil.
I am never more than 2 feet away from my Glock,(ok, maybe 3 feet in the shower.) And between me and my roomate, we have a pretty decent collection of firearms strategically placed, with at least one in every room. I think if someone broke into my house, I would be in a panic to try to figure out which gun to grab first.:biggrin:

I live in the great state of Massachusetts... so my guns need to be "locked in a secure container or secured with a trigger lock" at all times. Since the safe takes too long to open (and is inconvenient to move around with me from room to room), my first choice of the "classic" 870 is out.

So i must resort to the M&P40 in the quick-access box, or a pair of ice-axes as a backup.
I'm using my new toy...

I've rotated my new Springfield XD/M .40 with Lasermax rail-mounted laser into service. Quick and easy to present and has really nice ergonomics. I also got the Springfield combat trigger job with reduced overtravel. I like it very much. But I still am really fond of my wonderful SIG P239/40. Another truly outstanding firearm.
When dressed, I am armed with my Glock 26. When in bed, it is near, but also have a sawed-off double barrel 20 gauge laying next to the bed.

I'm with you on the shotgun. I use a legally sawed off 12 gage loaded with #2 buck. that's if i have a little notice of a break-in. For surprises I have a .40 cal or a .45 cal. Taurus by the bed.
Sold my Mossberg 500 years ago... wish I hadn't. For now, my primary HD weapon is my Glock 20. Usually if up and around the house, I am wearing a "belly band" holster with my G23. Bedtime I have my G20 on a night stand right next to my side of the bed. She's got Meprolight night sites and I also have a SureFire 6P flashlight handy as well. Works great for temporarily blinding an intruder.

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