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  • I just did the same thing (just noticed that you had responded on 8/10). thanks for the input. I'm figuring to go to Frontsight in December (12th? 18th?) to take 2-day skills builder course. I'll be checking out Pahrump at that time. Look forward to maybe running into you. Thanks again.
    Say, DM5, I attended Frontsight this past spring and stayed with relatives in Vegas. They're gonna be moving soon, and I'll need to stay in Pahrump, I guess. Can you give me any skinny on Pahrump? Size? Hotels? Etc.? Do you stay there when you train at Frontsight? I purchased a lifetime membership so I will be at Frontsight at least a couple times per year, I guess (I'm in North Dakota so it's a jaunt). Thanks for any info.


    P.S. Thanks for your service to our country, brother.
    I'm in Round Mountain, which is between Tonopah and Austin on Hwy 376. I work at a gold mine out here and my wife is the assistant administrator of the hospital in Tonopah. I was in Pahrump this past weekend training at Front Sight and will be there again this Friday and Saturday. My wife will be taking the CCW course in Vegas on Saturday.
    Hi, we're in Pahrump, care to tell me where you are? Central Nevada could be Beatty or Tonapah or Ely or Elko or??? You don't have to tell me, I'm just curious. From one vet to another, thanks for your service!
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