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  • Hey. Saw your post about open carry in Middletown. I live in Middletown and have been contemplating open carry for a while. Any pointers? and ever had any problems with the law?
    Thanks. I seem to stay too darn busy. I have had to work on so many things, juggling cats is what I call it. You deal with the claws that are in you, toss that job back up, the next job that sinks its claws/teeth into you, you deal with again.

    Busy with the military, Boy Scouts, Lenawee County Sheriffs, kids concerts, swim meets, etc.

    I live in Adrian, MI, I work in Lansing, MI. I have 4 years of Active Duty - Fort Jackson, SC; Fort Gordon, GA; Fort Lewis, WA; finally Ludwigsburg Kaserne, GER

    I have been in the MI Army National Guard since, Ypsilanti, MI; Jackson, MI, Lansing, MI, back to Jackson, MI, now back to Lansing, MI for the past 22+ years-total 26+ years.

    I have been a Training NCO, a Battalion Training NCO, Brigade Operations NCO, Senior Logistics NCO for the State, Senior Regimental Training NCO ,Senior Training NCO for the State, now I am the Chief of Administrative Services for the State.

    Depends on what I am doing at the time. Usually carry a 45 or 40. I have full size & compact 45's, Glock in .40, I also have a few .380's and .38's.

    Low temp, I can carry w/ shoulder rig or OWB with covering shirt large frame is ok. If hotter, smaller .380 IWB or OWB. Sometimes interior coat pocket. Different carries for different purposes.

    While travelling I carry 45 and 38+P as a BUG
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