Question for all, what do you use for home defense?

My Mossberg 500, loaded with 00 Buck, is my home defense weapon. Not only will shooting it put a hole in a burglar big enough to throw a baseball through, but if he's drunk, high, or otherwise not aggressive, it doubles as a beating stick. Can't do that with a handgun, although if it's all I have, I can guarantee that I'll use it.

Well aggressive or not, I find a bad guy in my house, I am doing everything in my power to see he leaves in a body bag!!! I'm old and tired, it's time law abiding people send a message to these punks we've had enough.
I have a handgun safe that I open everynight. In it I have an FNP40 with a 135 lumens Streamlight. It is loaded with MagTech 40. Chances are that would be the one I could put my hands on first and I can easily shoot from my bed. If I have time to roll off the opposite side of the bed into the shadow in my safe place/dark corner, it would be the 12 gauge with #4 buck.
I use guns. I'd prefer a handgun to fight to my shotgun. OO Buck shot leaves about 6-8 .40 cal size holes in a nice tight group at self defense range. 1 oz slugs are pretty impressive too.
H&K USP .40 on my side, Ruger P89 9mm on my wife's side.

Plus several secured 20 gauge shotguns (loaded with #4 tactical shot) in other locations throughout the house. As a last resort, rifles and ammo are in the gun safe in my office!
Just picked up a mossberg 500! My first shotgun! I can hardly wait to practice! On the range ofcourse! Other than that I have an S&W 9mm and a colt 38. It's a work in progress.
First would be my dogs, second would be my 870 custom tactical which is always available and then my Kimbers, whichever one im carrying at the time. My 870 would have to only be if I were close enough to it and I think my Pits will keep them occupied long enough for me to get to it. Then 00 ready. Come to think about it, they probably wont make it further than our dogs. And thats fine with me. Less I have to explain.
It IS situational. I have a gun sequestered in each room of the house, except the basement. (I "carry" when I go down there. The weight equipment and the model railroad are there.)

The wife and I "drill" on contingencies. For night "problems" I grab the flashlight and my "Tracker" 7 shot 357. Wife grabs cell phone and shotgun and hunkers down beside the bed.

For day work, wife "carrys" to work and I either "carry" or am in a room where I can get to one quickly.

P.S. No kids to worry about "playing" with the guns. Rarely have guests and lock up all except one when I do. (Own a HUGE double door safe.)
takin' no chances

kimber .45, taser, pepper spray on at all times not sleeping

nightstand rig is G22 w/AAC can and Glock light/laser

next-to-nightstand rig is Sig 556 pistol w/AAC can, double 30rd mags w/light, laser and Blue Force Gear padded adjustable sling

and next to that is a blackhawk padded utility belt w/extra tactical light, taser, kimber pepperblaster II, handcuffs, thumbcuffs, a G23, a SOG seal pup elite and two extra 15rd mags

if I end up in the closet, there is a Mossberg 590 A1 w/8 shots up the tube

did I overlook anything?
I've got a SA XDm-9 next to the bed. There is a Walther PK-380 in the back closet and several rifles throughout the house. BG's still have to get past the dogs so I'm likely to be shooting at nothing more than targets. I like it that way.
Taurus PT-92AF on the bed headboard. S&W Model 10 by the front door. S&W Model 15 in the Laundry Room. FN-FAL in near reach. Glock 30AF and / or Glock 21SF on my hip during all waking hours unless in the bathtub; then it is next to the tub. There is usually a loaded CZ in 9mm or a 1911 in .38 Super in my son's bedroom, and a H&K USP on his hip when he is home. His room also comes equipped with an M-4 Carbine somewhere in that mess.
My wife and I each have an NEF Pardner Pump on wall hangers on either side of the bed and SP101's in .327 federal magnum (primary carry weapons) in the nightstands. If the malefactor survives all that, he'll have to deal with our attack Cockapoo. :biggrin:

No kids of our own, and when we've got visitors everything but the carry weapons are locked up.
Depends on what I grab first. It could be a .32, .357, .38, 9mm, .45 or .44 Special. Either way, they are only to get me to the Remington 1100 that I set up specifically as a house gun. It's got rifle sights, a Surefire Responder forearm (I prefer my shootin' to be accurate:wink:) and carries eight shots of 2 3/4" #1 buck in it with another 10 on the shell carriers along with a pair of 1 oz slugs just in case I feel the need to shoot through something or stop a car on a rampage.
I've got a Winchester 12ga pump with a Streamlight TLR1 mounted on the mag tube loaded with #00 buckshot next to the bed.
S.A. MC Operator w/Insight M6X to get me to the Mossberg 590 that has 8+1 of 00 buck with a 25 round ready belt mixed with slugs and buck hanging next to it or Bushmaster Patrolman's Carbine w/ISM-V - Insight M3X, that has one mag in it loaded with M855's and another mag clamped to it loaded with standard ball.
i have 2 deadbolts on the front door, window latches on windows, bullybar on the sliding glass door, in the room im in, there is normaly a M&P 40 with ranger T and a streamlight tlr-2 or a subcompact xd-40 with hst, gold dots or ranger T. in the bedroom i have my 12 moss 500 with ranger buckshot or slugs on side saddle. a few streamlight 200 lumen+ lights one is the ultra stinger @ 275 lumen. if i need to my asp or baseball bat could come in handy too.
plus 3 cats that will greet you with a meow cause they want food or to be rubbed behind the ears, they are no help and they know it!

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