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  • morning gun runner , i now live in northwest montana. i moved here over 5 yrs ago a town called kalispell.its very nice here they are trying to pass some really good gun laws here. trying to legalize concealed weapons without permits, and exclude montana from any federal gun laws that might be passed. and alot more very interesting.-----drewsplace
    Mostly I hunt deer elk and coyote. Believe it or not Coyote is my favorite. First thing every morning I go and look out the window with the spotting scope to see if there is coyotes in the back pasture. I use a caller most of the time but once in a while a dumb one will be crossing and I shoot it with my AR that I built just for coyotes.
    Good luck getting yours.
    I hunt any thing I can but mostly the above.
    Gun Runner
    Gun Runner
    I love your Martial Arts vs Modern Arts.
    Two of your groups are the same groups I'm in.
    Hunting and Veterians and Guns.
    What kind of hunting do you do?
    Saturday morning when I went to the barn to feed the sheep my guard dog was upset, there is only one thing that will do that, a coyote.
    I went back to house and got my 308, didn't think the CC would do the job.
    I waited untill daylight and dropped over the hill behind the barn and found the coyote tracks in the fresh snow.
    From the size of the tracks I would say he was a big male. I followed him for about a mile, but he must have spotted me, the last tracks I found he was at full speed and out of sight and I could see at least a 1/4 mile across the neighbor's open cow pasture.
    Take Care
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