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  • Read your post "We have become a Nation of Entitlements"
    Very well said and so very true! Had to share it on FB for everyone to read, hope you don't mind.
    Hello Debray,
    thanks for looking at the pic's. I was in Corpis about a week or so ago, got there the nite before a cold front. temp droped 30 degrees in about less than an hour and the fish shut the wife and I spend a lot of time at SPI, I even bought a bay boat just so we could get to the trout and reds in the bay. If you ever get down to the gulf shoot me a message and maybe we can wet a line and send you home with an icechest full of spec trout.

    Sorry you didn't get him. Maybe some other morning.
    Greetings Debray,

    Sorry to delay the conversation but I have been away from the boards.

    I do not know your bud but I am glad that he is a good shooter. I know a few guys in LE here so we may run into each other sometime.

    I shoot mainly in the desert. It is quick and no one to interfere with a good afternoon of non-stop firing drills. I have buddies that go out with me but I mean that there are not others outside of our party that do things that are unexpected.

    I go to Front Sight a few times per yaer. i will be going in Feb for another class.

    Good to hear from you.
    I like the old guns like these. Preserving our history is as important as protecting our future.. I'll watch for the Pics... Later PS. Hhow's your weather over there?
    Thank you and glad to have you as a friend. Great site, lots of information.

    Thanks a lot! I just added the Bronze Site Supporter badge to your account.
    This is a great site and I hope there are many that will help to support it.

    I just visited the support section and will do what I can to add to the support.

    1. signed up for bronze support.

    2. Added USA Carry link to my farm web site Debray Dorper Farm. Purebred Dorper sheep. Toronto, Ohio

    3. And wiull give the USA Carry link to those that I work with that have or are interested in our basic right to own and carry firearms.

    We as firearm owners may be up for the biggest battle in our history to save the second ammendment as it was intended.

    Thank You
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