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    You're Favorite Pocket Gun

    A lot more people carry a backup gun now-a-days, so what is in your pocket? Tell us what your favorite pocket gun is. Mine is the Kel Tec P-32 because at close range it will do the job. Mine is dependable and accurate also. :dirol::dirol:
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    SCCY guns

    I know two people who own the SCCY 9mm and they really like them. Also, SCCY now has the CPX3 which is a ten round .380 acp, locked breech that weighs 15 ounces. They are DAO but I see no problem with that. These are good guns at a budget price and if they haven't already, I see them taking...
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    WHY by caliber?

    Why do so many people judge a good gun for carry/home defense by caliber? Those who have been around guns a while learn to realize it is how well you shoot that really counts. Which would you want? To be shot in center mass once with a .357 mag or be shot 3 times in center mass with a .22...
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    Why aren't these guns more popular?

    I can't understand why the .327 magnum and .32 H&R magnum are not more popular. These two revolvers are very good. Will do well for home defense and also for carry. They will take down an intruder in your home. Much better than using a .380. :dirol:
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    New Ruger in 2016

    Ruger is going to make a .327 magnum LCR snubby revolver in 2016. This is great, I don't know why firearms companies fazed out the .327 mag. It is a great caliber and you can shoot several .32 rounds for practice. I would like to also see a 4 inch .327 mag. Would you buy a .327 mag...
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    Best set-up for home defense?

    IMO I believe three guns will give you excellent home defense. Keep a good shotgun ready, loaded with 00 Buck. A good pocket pistol you can just drop in a pocket to have with you. And also a good revolver or pistol a little larger. If you live in an area with bears, cougars, wolves, etc. the...
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    IMO the best selection of holsters

    I have owned all-leather custom made holsters, leather/kydex holsters, and pretty much most type of holsters. But I now believe that Remora Holsters have the greatest selection of holsters. I use only Remora Tuckable holsters for my two carry guns. They are comfortable and easy to use. Gun...
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    For people who doubt the .380 can do the job.

    Here you go all you big caliber people: Now tell me the .380 is not enough gun.
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    IMO the perfect carry/home defense pistol.

    Here is the pistol I would like: .380 cal. 4 inch barrel 25 ounces unloaded single stack 8+1 Locked Breech with exposed hammer DA/SA Decocker Nice trigger To me this would be the perfect pistol. There are some that are close, but I want this one. :triniti:
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    Elderly man and woman shot in there home by thief.

    An elderly couple were shot in their home when someone broke in. They were both shot in the stomach. The man is in fair condition, the woman in serious condition. They are in their 70's. THIS is why people need a gun available, or a good dog, and should leave outside lights on, or get a...
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    No permit needed to carry concealed

    Ohio is trying to pass a law where you need no permit to carry concealed. I feel this is bad because all thugs who want to pack a gun will move to Ohio. Would rather see a 50 state reciprocity for all Conceal Carry permits. :dirol:
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    Extra mag with pocket gun?

    I carry a Kel Tec P-32 in a pocket holster inside my jacket pocket, during summer I carry it in a Remora Tuckable IWB holster. Now when you carry a pocket pistol do you also carry an extra mag? Most of the time I just throw it in my jacket pocket without an extra mag. However, I do have an...
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    Kel Tec guns

    People say Kel Tec guns are not reliable. Myself, I own a P-32 which has shot flawlessly. How about letting me hear what you think about Kel Tec guns? :triniti:
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    Striker-fired, locked breech .380

    Bersa is coming out with their BP380cc very soon. This is a polymer, striker-fired, locked breech, 3.3 inch barrel, 8+1 rounds with no exterior safety and a very good trigger. I believe it will do well as .380 is a popular caliber. I had a Bersa Thunder .380 and liked it, but eventually...
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    Beretta PICO

    I have been calling Beretta and first they said the PICO would be out in August. I called them again yesterday and all they will say is they are too busy with their Government contracts and had to set the PICO aside. :dirol: