What Was Your Rank?

Seattle brings us our newest member.

On this 1st day of November 2008 Veterans and Guns welcome a long time USA Carry patron, redboneshadow. He's a prior U.S. Army 95Bravo, Military Policeman, the folks who saved my butt many times by sending lotsa hot lead @ some very unpleasant BG's shooting @ me & my medics trying to get to a "Man down!", so I owe my life to a few great shots from some LEO's in BDU's who could quote both the local laws and the UCMJ (scary!) and I copped a few speeding tickets on post to others 'just doing their job', but they all came on sick-call sooner or later so we had a good working relationship after some TLC c/o my staff. Quid-pro-quo! :dance3:
A fellow Evergreen State citizen/Vet living on the other side of the Cascades, where it is a tad different, a lot more racy (Seattle) than the laid-back (few homicides or daily drug busts a week Spokane, Inland Empire). Not a fella to mess with primary CCW is a Kimber Gold Combat 2 45 cal, also has quite an arsenal: Beretta 90-two 40 cal, Sig 220 elite 45 cal, CZ commander bobtail 45 cal, Smith & Wesson P40 40 cal. Shooting, adventure training, camping and hiking charge his batteries, and he's affiliated with the USCCA and is retired. Lists ride motorcycle, have 3 hounds, married. I am going to have to go off-line with this guy and get him to clarify the order he lists those turn-ons, but I hear in some states you can marry your bike, your dog is mans best friend and she doesn't hit you for a prenuptial or alimony! JK!!!!
We recognize and welcome redboneshadow into Vets and Guns.
Hope you all had a good Halloween! :rolleyes:


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Kansas Arc-Light!

Yes Glock fiends, we are catching up on you!
I give you B-52 from Kansas. Retired USAF and Beech Aircraft pilot.
He served 21 years with the Air Force and was probably @ DEFCON-1 during the Cuban missile crisis (flying B-47's) through Vietnam (139 missions in the old B-52/Arc-Light) bombing Uncle Ho's trails into oblivion, breaking the seige of Khe-San to the pre-cold war ending. He retired in 1980 primarily a SAC aviator/sky-warrior and carried the S&W K38 for many years. He has graduated to the S&W 40 and 9C as well as awaiting the arrival of a new Ruger LCP for latest concealed carry. :crazy_pilot:
On the R & R side he lists photography, computing and shooting (hey, those are my hobbies, go find something new, JK!). Here I am razzing a WW-III (The Cold War included Korea and 'Nam and many other not so cold ops, ergo, it is a WWIII continuous battlefield that spanned the globe and decades) Veteran who also has to his credit: A S&W Model 10, a S&W M&P 40, a S&W M&P 9c, a Kahr CW9, and a Ruger LCP. :yes4:
Well armed is a mild way of saying packing a lot of good fire-power!
He is a member of the NRA, USCCA and HCA. I would like to meet this guy over a weekend and just listen!
Please welcome B-52 to Veterans and Guns,

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Welcome to B-52 and redboneshadow! Thank you for your service.

C-L, You did the right thing by denying the earlier requests with no data.
Glad to be here

I am honored by Canis's invitation to join this distinguished group. I am glad that i can serve yet again by being a member here. When I raised my hand to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic that was a oath for life as i see it. Hence I have started the first 2nd amendment group here in Seattle. I do miss being an MP but like they say soldier first MP always. It is nice to be here with all my brothers and sisters.
Veterans and Guns welcomes maybejim.
Kalifornia & Idaho seem to be his locals, with the K in CA I guess he felt the same way about that place as I did in 2001 when I cut out, or maybe not, and he's a neighbor in ID. He enlisted in the Army in Feb 66, went through Basic, AIT, Infantry OCS, commissioned in Chem Corps, Chem School. Assigned as Active Duty Adviser to Army Reserve. Made notifications to next of kin (not a job I envy you pulling, I did a few and the back-lash was way-heavy). Served as Survivor's Assistance Officer for 22 families in and around Waterbury, Connecticut. His oldest son is in the Army Reserve (SFC/E7), was activated to train troops for Iraq, has been activated again and in El Paso (I'm guessing Ft. Bliss or WBAMC), training troops for Iraq and Afghanistan. Man I see some serious military lineage in your family. Currently self-employed Clinical Laboratory Supplies, please e-mail me when a cure for Hep-C comes out better than Chemo!
And his primary carry weapon is (U guessed it) a Glock 30 or Glock 26 and/or Ruger LCP (Idaho only).
He has Lifetime memberships in the NRA, the CRPA and the SASS, and ends a post to me with some words of wisdom: "What you say isn't as important as what the other person hears."
We welcome you into Veterans and Guns, I hope we can be of any help to either you or your son if you ever need to call on a few hundred years of accumulated military living in so many specialty areas and branches of service.

Thanks for the welcome. You got my service covered in your post. I was at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina for Basic and AIT and the birth of my oldest son. I went to Ft Benning for Infantry OCS and was commissioned in the Chemical Corps. I was stationed in Waterbury, Connecticut for most of 2 years and the birth of my younger son. I got out in Nov. 68 as a 1st Lieutenant. I got out because by then it didn't seem we were going to fight Vietnam to win and that did it for me.

I've had my carry permit in Kalifornia since 1993. I expect to lose it when I retire next year especially if I make Idaho my home of record. The picture with my name is my log cabin just outside of Fruitland Idaho. I have a carry permit for Idaho.

Kalifornia is a fantastic state weather wise and for having great camping and things to do. Unfortunately over the years it has been getting crazier and crazier (and I graduated from Berkeley so that's really crazy). My wife is a native Californian and we have a son, daughter in law, and grandson in Orange County so we'll never be able to cut out ties here.

My older son lives in Fruitland, Idaho and he and his wife have 3 sons which is why I bought a place up there. Idaho is a different kind of place and I like it very much. We have a small log cabin there on 4 1/2 acres and love it.

Well, that's me, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.
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My rank (get out your calculators)

1966-1970: E-4 USAF (Active) (C-133 - 617 OMS; HC130H & HH53 - 67 Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron- Rescue support - Flight line maintenance; Maintenance Control Go-fer :)
1982-1987: E-5 CAARNG/CAANG
1991-1996: E-5 VTARNG/MEARNG/VTANG (162 INF BT (MT) / 201 S&S BT
1996-2001: E-6 VTANG
2001-2007: E-7 VTANG (Retired)

42 year span, but a 10 year Break-in-Service, 1972-1982.
It was a nightmare keeping track of my points for retirement, being in 3 branches...
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Ohio Patriot/Vet on-board!

Veterans and Guns welcomes on board it's newest member today, Rees107.
Hailing from Orrville, Ohio, we have several group members in OH.
U.S. Army Retired with some ball-busting units to his credentials which include the U.S. Army: (Screaming-Eagles) 101st Airborne, 25th Infantry (Tropic Lightning Division, I'm an alumni of that crazy light fighting unit myself for 4 tough years 82-86) and he moved on to the Ohio Army National Guard 1979 to 2003 107th Cav. "Flying my Cessna 120" keeps him up in the clouds in something much more comfortable than a Black Hawk or Huey c/o the 25th & 101st (Air Mobile) units.
His primary carry is a Sig P220 Compact (nice piece of work).
Just in case he seems to have bought-out most of the good guns/rifles in OH listing:
A Glock 17, (OK now I will get a Glock!) a Walther PPK/S (got 1 of them too, my last purchase), a S&W 629, a S&W Chief Special .38, a Sig P220, a Compact Ruger Mark II, a Ruger M77/17, a Ruger 10/22, a Winchester Mod 94 30/30, a Rem. 870 12ga., and the venerable (reach out and touch someone special :ph34r:) M1 Carbine. My God man you may have the record on this group for the most weapons of any other member! An NRA member who it is my pleasure to introduce to you all. Please make him feel at home. :happy:
Thanks for your service to this nation, you have found a home here, settle in an pop-smoke when you feel comfortable with the group.

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'Sweet Home' AL, new Member!

Veterans and Guns welcome out newest member into this social group: Jack_from_AL.
He's retired from federal service in 2003 as a Social Worker (VAMC, Psychiatry.) He served in Vietnam 66-67, Infantry) Can you tell us what unit you were with as this group prides itself in having many 'Nam-era patrons/Veterans, who knows what memories that may bring up in Vets who served during your time in-country and maybe even same unit. In 1967 I was 10 years old and remember the BBC showing us that monks were immolating themselves and that infamous picture of the naked Vietnamese girl running away from a nape attack with her flesh all burnt to a crisp, that image stuck in my mind for years, she must be my age now. In England we got a lot of coverage directly from the NVA and although now I realize it was propaganda pure but it seemed almost like the Euro news & press then were backing Ho Chi Minh and not showing anything like what LTC Hal Moore pulled off with the 1st regular Army heli-borne use of Custer's old regiment at the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley, which to me was proof positive that your generation of soldiers won all the big battles but your politicians lost America that war, a general consensus with most Nam-Vets I have ever met or befriended and that's quite a few. Ask any Limey who Westie was and U got a blank-stare: 'Who's that mate?' but words like: My Lai & Lt. Calley became some kind of household names in G.B. and yet we were allies of the U.S. so why were the BBC showing us the very worst of the worst is a question I still have no good answer for. The young troops who came back from 2-3 tours in Vietnam were my senior drill sergeants and later my mentors as I moved thru a career and they retired, by 1992 it was very rare to see that green & white ribbon or any RVN awards. When I 1st enlisted many still had that 1K-yard stare that few of us teenage 'criuts could even fathom until we pulled a few years looking across borders in S. Korea or W. Germany, very scared and very sure of a quick demise if those massive commie forces ever poured across.
Popping-smoke from somewhere in Alabama, 'Sweet Home'.
Lists his interests as: "Blogging, computers, training German Shepherds", wild guess here, did you pick that skill up in uniform? We just admitted a USMC Nam-era dog handler. Man's best friend & Charlie's worst enemy with V.C. bounties on the best dogs. :biggrin:
His primary carry CCW is a S&W 38 light frame (revolver) a nice well bit of kit that took a beating and kept on shooting when I owned one as my 1st real privately owned pistol some years back.
An NRA member. I give you Jack_from_AL . Please make him feel welcome here amongst some brothers and sisters in arms from all branches of service past... and present.
My regards to you and I salute you for your service to our nation.

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Thanks for the great welcome! I see that the Veteran forum is the most active here, no surprise. To answer some of the questions in your post:

I was an 'acting' E5 Sergeant (when I was wounded (June 27, 1967). We were losing non-coms fairly regularly and I had a time to go before they made it permanent (not unusual back in the war). So when they discharged me from the Valley Forge General Hospital in PA, (now a VA hospital) I was listed as a spec4. I am 100% service connected for wounds received in combat. I was honored with both the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star (with 'V' device) for actions against a hostile enemy.

My Unit was the 199th Separate Light Infantry Brigade, 4th/12th Echo company. We were formed at Fort Benning, then trained in jungle warfare at Camp Shelby, MS. We traveled to Vietnam by boat (Merchant Marines) and arrived in August of 1966. Technically we were stationed at Long Binh, but I was only there 2 or 3 days total. The rest of the time we were (literally) all over the place. Ware Zone D, Mekong Delta, Along the Cambodia border (Ho Chi Minh trail), and more.

I was wounded in a battle against the NVA along that border. AK47 from about 6 feet. that was not one of my better days. :bad: Thank God for Helicopters! I started training German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) as a hobby while I was still at the VA in Birmingham, AL. As a behavioral oriented therapist for the VA for over 25 years, I have always loved working with dogs as an avocation. Technically, I train my dogs, and I train dog owners how to properly train their dogs. I'm not much help if the dog sees me as the Alpha (leader of the pack) but won't listen to, or respect their owner/family.

My love for GSD's started in Vietnam (as you guessed). I was not a dog handler, but as the squad leader I was greatly impressed with the skills of both the dogs and the handler. We quite often were blessed with having that team along with us on both patrols and ambushes/listening posts. They saved many a life out in the boonies.

I retired from the VA in 2003 (early retirement due to residuals of wounds) and live with my wife of 41 years, along with Cheyenne, my 16 month GSD (female) I have a 6 week male GSD puppy joining us next week. My baby needs company. :yes4: I lost my 4 y/o GSD (Southern Bell) on May 27, 2007 from the tainted dog food from China. I can tell you that was the second worst day of my adult life.

I really loved working with veterans in psychiatry all those years, I really miss it. But the 'management' in the VA just became too much to take. When they decided that I had only 15 minutes to see a patient (and that included writing my notes) I decided it was time to go. My wife has been after me for years to write a book on how to navigate the VA. Unfortunately, today's VA management think of VA treatment like it is just another "Entitlement" program from the government (like welfare, Medicaid, etc.). They see Disabled Veterans as being too costly. Well, in order to not write that book right here and now, I'll continue with that thread another day.

In closing, I am a life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. I have consumed a few beers at the VFW in my days as well. I'm glad to be among friends.
Thank you for your service, both in the Army and with the VA. Welcome to the group, too.
AZ USAF Security Forces Incoming.

We are proud to welcome our latest patron to Vets and Guns, Mitch_D'Amour.
Hailing from Tuscon, AZ (I spent 30 days of my life in a total coma there, some ICU they MEDEVAC-ed me to, I don't remember a thing, after a base-ball bat up back of my head responding to a 911 domestic in Sierra Vista! 1995)
A solid 20 Years US Air Force Security Forces duty makes Mitch trained to do what most dare not even try.
Still putting his skills to work as a Military Instructor, (tri-service Mitch, or just for USAF personnel, PJ's?),
A well balanced social life of enjoying music, reading, shooting, chess, martial arts and Bible study.
Primary CCW is a double hitter Sig Sauer TTT 1911 and Springfield Champion 1911. Any smaller cal cannons Mitch? JK!
Affiliations include the NRA and an Instructor at the Marksman Pistol Institute and a CCW instructor too! :triniti:
Man you come to us with some pretty impressive credentials, which can only add to what we have to offer all of our members.
Just in time to make it for Veterans Day 2008 I give you our newest member, please make him welcome and lets wait to see what he decides to post into our social group. :wink:
Phillip 'Mitch' D'Amor has a catchy signature that hits home:
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
Regards and many thanks for your continued services to this nation.

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Our Newest Member is 'wedge', Incoming.

On this Veterans Day 2008 we are proud to admit wedge to Veterans and Guns.
He is a Vietnam-era United States Navy Veteran and a UT grad.
The Navy saw more action than most give them credit for,
especially Naval Aviation, the 'Brown Water' boats and their highly trained Corpsmen, the USMC's 'docs'!
Always knew a bit more combat med tricks than us Army 'docs' and did so much with just a tiny M-3 Aid Bag!
I humped a 30lb M-5 to even come close! No way! :frown:
Hailing from TN now a doctor, he enjoys reading, golf, and shooting.
His primary carry gun is a Walther (my BUG/a 2003 PPK/S-1)
Affiliations include the Gun Owners of America and the NRA.
Please welcome wedge on-board.

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Welcome and a big THANK YOU to Mitch and Wedge. Please feel free to get involved and share your knowledge and opinions along with us.
Georgia Veteran on-board.

Today we welcome Hamster into Veterans and Guns.
USAR March 1980 - March 1982, US Navy PO1 May1982 - April 1988.
His current calling is a hydropower electrician.
A father of two living in Georgia.
His past-times include hunting, fishing, plinking, ham (amateur) radio.
Carry Gun is a S&W model 27 .357mag (OK!) :cool:
All Firearms:
Marlin lever .22
Marlin bolt .22mag
Howa 1500 7MMmag
Rem 11-87 12ga
Rem 11-48 16ga
Universal M-1 .30cal carbine
Rem 742 30-06
S&W model 10 .38spl
Affiliations: Georgia Carry.
Please make our newest member comfortable.
We welcome Hamster.

Active-duty Army in Iraq popping-smoke.

Veterans and Guns welcomes StrykerPete321.
Currently busy sending the Muj 'faithful' :triniti: to go meet Allah in person, Iraq c/o the U.S. Army M1A2 tanks. I'm 4th ID alumni, R U in the IV division?
He calls Alaska home, I think you may be our first member from that wild vast state.
For R & R he gets into hunting, fishing, hiking, playing pool and sport shooting.
His primary carry weapons is a S&W 1911 M&P Performance center.
U got a BAR 30-06! Holy Smoke that is a classic!
Other weapons include:
Stevens .308, 12g Benelli, S&W 1911, Springfield XD .45 ACP, S&W 44 MAG Performance center 629
Active duty and in the sand, hoping everyone here makes you welcome.

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Army Vet and Active Duty USAF inbound!

Veterans and Guns welcomes pakinhevy an Honorably Discharged Army Veteran (SGT/E-5) of Desert Storm, OIF I, OIF II.
Hailing from North Carolina he likes shooting and reloading.
Currently working as an Armed Private Protective Services and packing a Glock 22, (Deja-Vu!)
I see glocks in my dreams! :wacko: His other weapons are listed as (very shredly)
Never let them know what you have until your life depends on it!
He is an NRA (Life Member)
We are very gald to have you both as members.

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Monday and we are cooking!

We welcome apojoe556.
OH God, another Marine, you folks are muscling this tri-service social group into a regular Halls of Montezuma!
2/2 Marines 94'-98' O311 Hoooooo-RAH! :shout:
Current a/o Middle East (Iraq & Lebanon).
Occupation Security Operator. Don't ask, don't tell!
Carry Guns a Glock 19 and M4 Carbine.
We welcome you on-board, stow you kit and pop-smoke with a story on
that cryptic picture you have on your profile page, OPSEC allowing.

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