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  • it is a little harder to wear comfortably but the G22 is a great piece to carry , I like having 15+1 ready to go.
    hey bud.....
    I'm down by the Ohio Indiana border close to the river......kinda
    love the XD 9, fits my hand great, shoots good, just an overall great gun in my opinion. thanks for stoppin by.
    I picked my Glock 22 the day after Memorial Day. Before that my primary gun was (please don't laugh) a Hi Point C9. Needless to say, since purchasing the Glock, My Hi Point has been sitting in my trunk. I suppose it'll come in handy as a paperweight.

    During the winter I carry my G22 OWB in a Fobus Roto paddle with a thumb lever. During the Summer I carry IWB in an Uncle Mike's Size 16.

    I was taking a vacation across state lines (in my car) staying in SC, NC, and VA. From what I found I could keep a pistol in my car in all three states, but only NC allowed me to CC. Not a big deal, as I'm not married to my gun. :D

    Most of the time I travel via air, and had lived in NYC for several years. So I had not had a CCP in years and the laws had changed a lot.

    Thanks for the friend invite!

    You are in my friend, I am typing-up your profile now, gimme a few and you will have full posting privileges.

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