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  • Greetings. I started a Palmetto Concealed Carry group and would like to invite you to join us. I have two friends from work who are going to join. We are all ex law enforcement and military and work for ResortQuest- Wyndham on Kiawah Island. I like the Christian group so I joined it. I hope you do not mind my inviting you to our new group. Take care
    Hello Red Hat,
    I saw your post about your Kahr PM45. I was just wondering if you had any problems and if you still like it. I came across one here in CA and am thinking of buying it.
    I, also, am a proud Red Hat. We may even know each other. My call sign (at) gmail (dot) com. 74-94 Pope, SJ, RAF BW/WB, RAF Alconbury/Molesworth.
    Hi Redhat,I just wanted you to know that I just posted some pics,on the veterans and guns group,one is of me in 1975 with a couple of friends,god, I can't remember being that young (LoL) Army Dog.
    Hi Redhat,I am new to the forum,so I just wanted to say hi,I am a former Army infantry soldier,I was with the 2nd battalion 32nd infantry regiment,7th ID,my former regiment is now the 1st and 32nd,and are serving with the tenth mountain division,in Afghanistan.I served from dec.74 to nov.77.By the way,my oldest son just started graduate school at ECU,which is close to you,as you live outside of greenville,just thought i would mention it.Thanks.
    I noticed that you were outside of Greenville. I am looking at moving to that area for school and I was wondering about getting concealed licenser there with a state id instead of completely becoming a resident. Any advice ideas etc? I want to keep my Nv residency with my Nv CCW due to having my properties here.
    Just curious...I'm retired AF myself 1965 - 1989. Did you come by "Red Hat" from belonging to a unique organization somewhere in the middle of Nevada? Curious.
    Hi red hat i'm new and saw the park thread you did on the 1911 (great job by the way) was wondering where you got your blast cabnit from got acouple of long guns in need of refinish. THANKS
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