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  • I appreciate the offer and i will take you up on it. Thank you very much. Sorry it took a while to get back to you. Been busy forming the 2nd amendment group here. My e-mail is [email protected] and my yahoo id is redboneshadow if you wish to add me to messenger. Thanks again for your support. Look forward to talking to you again real soon.
    Many years as a medic running 911 I came to rely/befriend many M.P.'s. Without their ability to clear a way to a casualty we couldn't do Jack! Done a lot of combined ops with 95B's & CID, DEA, DIA and local cops where there was more gun-play than a combat zone with some very evil nothing to lose BG's, and I owe my life to the quick wits & reactions of several good trained Military Police.
    You live in a place I once spent time my off duty having fun time in and 2 years serving at Ft.Lewis/9th I.D. my 1st duty post as a medic 80-82 after reenlisting out of being a frigging Combat Engineer in Germany mid 70's Cold War 'fun' always deployed, VOLAR tough duty. Came back in as a medic & seen some of the best rock groups in the Seattle King Dome (heard it is gone now, shame if true). Be my eyes/G2 on the west side of this state and I will keep you up to speed on what CCW spins out here in Spokane, as in infequent private e-mails thru USA Carry, not constant e-mails. Not looking for pen-pals just anything hot I catch with Vets and Guns like the new pres taking ours away mabe U will get a flash send 'K?
    Your post about open carry is one I only hope becomes a norm here. I choose my friends carfully, I think you rate as a good guy. If you ever want a say in Vets and Guns you are in 'K?
    My life story is here/long read!

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