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I was an E4 when I got out of the Army National Guard if that counts.

You R legit, don't matter if U were AD, AR or NG, or US (draftee) if U did 30 days and got a DD214/honorable discharge, U R a Vet, so cancel your honarary membership! My fave 'missions' were training U folks (our Division's round-out BDE) during your 30 days active. "Put up the GP-Medium troops!" "Don't bother SFC/E7 M, we parked the RV's over by the BBQ pit" Was like 30 days leave for us active-duty brain-washed types.

We all leave our rank behind us when our time is done in the military, it really only counts for more retirement pay if U hit 20-30 years and even that is not cash that lets U live very well off. But with (almost) every trip to the V.A. I find some jack-off who is barking out orders at patients and staff like he or she is still the Sergeant-Major or a 2-star Division Commander they used to be when they were active. I treat all Vets as equals (Comrades in Arms) as they served when SO many others ducked or chose the easy paths of life and have no concept what we gave up so they could safely live out their years in normal lives doing the things few of us ever managed, like staying put for a decade/or 2 and making good neighborly friends or buying a home, not renting one every 3 years, climb as high as they wanted/could manage and did what they wanted with their lives, not what others decided to do with the only shot at life or death or the wounds or bugs we got that they seldom woried about. For them an alert was a broken washer, for us a call in the night to "pack-it-up and roll" to go meet some very real hostiles who wanted us dead. 3 years or 30 in gave most Vets more life experiences than any civilian stuck in an boring office-job would get in 10 lifetimes! Keep the medals they mean nothng now, a genuine 'Thanks' is worth a Medal of Honor from those who have an idea of what we went thru as a cook or as a Airborne Ranger! I salute you all!

Canis-Lupus :smile:
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MSgt, USAF, Retired

I retired as a MSgt with over twenty years service. I was unfortunately medically retired due to a back injury or I would still be in now.
MSgt, USAF, Retired also

I retired as a MSgt E7 with 22 years and 22 days under my belt. My first four years I was an aircraft machinist then I cross trained into Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM) and spent 18 years doing that.
Retired SMSgt, Air Force with 27+ years mainly in aircraft maintenance. Was in the jungles, deserts and a few places in between. It's always good to see a place where veterans issues can be discussed.
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Yo Patch-Delta,
Do any of these names ring a bell? Depending on when you were in, we may have met or passed by each other in a rush to get our jobs done!
TDA: Madigan AMC, Ambulance Section, WA. Tripler AMC, Ambulance Section, HI. USA MEDDAC Emergency Room/Ambulance Section, Schofield BKS, HI. Raymond W. Bliss ACH, Ft. Huachuca, AZ, ER and 111th M.I. BDE CCC.
: 9th, I.D. Ft., Lewis, WA. 25th I.D.(L) Schofield BKS, HI. 4th I.D.(M), Fort Carson, CO. 21st SupCom out of Smiley BKS near Karsrhue, FRG.
No big if not. Out of 20 years for 2 years one woman Nacy Cody a MAJ/RN from TX (Head Nurse, ER, Schofield BKS ER) taught me most of the emergency medicine I know and much of her job too OJT, she was the epitome of crisis care and strength even when seasoned 1st responders were losing their lunches at things no human should see or have to do, but if I ever had a true EMS mentor on any real-world 911 call I prayed it was her riding shot-gun with me in my rig code-3. My God if it had been combat she'd have earned the CMoH with oak-leaf clusters for some of the way-hairy situations she dived right into and demanded I stick with her even when other 1st responders had died trying or quit out of common sense survival thinking, MASCAL's mostly. Doctors may know medicine, but nurses IMHO make that medicine happen, be it in a fixed hospital, or in a CSS unit. PA's were our BN surgeons and most were prior enlisted, a few of them finished my EMT A-P education up just fine often standing in pools of blood in GP Smalls or in the back of M577's out in the middle of nowhere close to civilization or even friendlies. A private e-mail would work if you don't feel like posting to an open thread.
Thanks for doing what you did even if our paths never crossed,

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Here is a rundown of my assignments:
1966 Basic Training (Navy) Great Lakes, Ill.
1966 Navy Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, Ill.
1967 US Naval Hospital, Keflavik, Iceland
1968 FMF School, Camp Lejune, NC
1968 Carib 3-68, on US Navy LPH-9, USS Guam to Panama (Jungle School) than Cuba
1968-1969 C Co., 1st Bn, 3d Regiment, 3d MarDiv., Vietnam (FMF Corpsman)
Change to Army :) Enlisted
1981 Basic Training, Fort Dix, NJ (My home state for 32 years)
1982 BioMed Repair School - Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Colorado
1983 121 EVAC Hospital, Yangsan, Korea
1984 NCOIC Bio Med Fort Carson, CO - built Eavans Army Community Hospital, opened Oct 1986
Nursing School - University of Southern Colorado
1992 2LT, Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Colorado - Orthopedics, Critical Care Course, Surgical Intensive Care Unit
1996 CPT, Irwin Army Community Hospital, Fort Riley, KS - Head Nurse ICU and Recovery Room
1999 CPT, W. Beaumont Army Medical Center, Fort Bliss, TX - Head Nurse ICU/Trauma Unit
2001 CPT, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, GA - Heand Nurse Recovery Room
2002 CPT, TFME, SFOR11, Eagle Base, Bosnia - Head Nurse Intensive Care Unit and Recovery Room, Assistant Chief Nurse of Hospital
2002 MAJ, Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, GA - Staff Nurse Medical Intensive Care Unit
2003 Retired
I may not know your friends but we are all brothers and sisters.
Hey is it just me or do I dectet a LRRP infiltration of Semper-Fidelis type Vets on a low-crawl moving into this social group? Glad to have you Vets around and posting! If I ever need some personal protection, I will be e-mailing you guys 1st! We need a BAM member Gunny or above would B just fine :thank_you2:

Was SH2 E-5 shipserviceman. Ran the em club at naval torpedo station at Keyport WA-worked for a real crusty E8 chief, even all the other chiefs didn't like him, he was technically the navy exchange officer in charge and and directly reported to the NEX officer at the base in Bremerton Naval Shipyard.
NTS Keyport was a fairly small installation which consisted of about 200 navy and 1200 civilian(sand crabs) workers, many of whom were retired military and had em club privleges. So the "Keyhole Club" was fairly busy around 1605 every day.
NTS Keyport however small, was a pretty important little base. EVERY torpedo the USN used, was developed and MADE here. At that time 1969-70, Clevite corp and Westinghouse were competing for the contract on the mark 14 and development of a mark 16 torpedo. As i've been told those things were virtually under water guided missles that could hit a target with a nuke head many miles away(classified) underwater. This was ' 69-'70, what's going on there today????
Anyway, as I remember Wash State had some unusual liquor and gambling laws at that time. Wash State was in the liquor business. Booze was only avail thru state stores, which made the ordering of liquor a multi-step pain in the butt. Most bars(if you can call them that) only served beer and wine. Only restaurants could serve mixed drinks--this made my Keyhole club very, very popular as you can understand. THIS ALSO MADE A LOCAL FAVORITE (LOGAN BERRY WINE) A TAVERN FAVORITE--DO NOT GET A HANGOVER CAUSED BY LOGANBERRY WINE. OH YEAH, WOMEN COULDNOT SIT AT A BAR, THEY HAD TO SIT AT A TABLE AND ORDER THRU A WAITRESS OR WAITER. YOU COULD NOT STAND UP OR WALK TO ANOTHER AREA OF THE ESTABLISHMENT WITH A DRINK IN YOUR HAND, A WAITER OR WAITRESS HAD TO CARRY YOUR DRINK TO YOUR DESTINATION. With all this going on, lo and behold they allowed poker tables to operate and prosper at many of the local taverns. This to me , just didn"t fall in line with the overall picture.

BY THE WAY ALL THOSE KNOX DESTROYERS (AT LEAST 50 OR MORE) have been decomisioned and transferred to either Turkey, Thailand, or Taiwan. Do I feel old, they were all built in the mid-late 60's, brand new at the time, now obsolete and gone.
US Navy. 1966-1970 and 1984-1986. First ship was the Alfred A. Cunningham DD752, Boilerman 3rd.. Second ship was the Downes FF1070, Boilerman 2nd.
We elcome a fellow Vet today.

Veterans and Guns welcomes Carmando to our growing ranks today.
(Ranks? Nah! Change that to social group, ranks zounds way-too much
like the dayZ when "Fall-In Ranks!" started the day @ oh-dark-thirty with
an hour of some maniacal physical training!).
He is USAF (Ret) and hailing from Oregon, a very nice state I've visited many times.
I hope you enjoy the group and post sometimes when you see a thread
you have input on. :rap:
Welcome and get to know the Vets who post here.

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Flight Engineer Chinook

Got "out of country" Spc. 5 came state side and finished active duty in '72' and got out and did a stretch in the Army National Guard and made Staff Sgt. That brand of army was not for me and left in '74' never to return to duty.:sarcastic:
Here's one for you Link Removed
Spec-5! I made buck-sgt/E-5 right after Spec-4 & finishing BNCOC at Ft. Lewis with the 9th I.D. Then I PCS-ed to a new duty station in Hawaii (Aloha, NOT, I ran right into the toughest unit I ever served in), within a month I'd sassed out my Plt-Sgt SFC Fletcher Minniefield a super-racist Anglo-hating Afro-American Combat Medic who left the best part of his brains back in Saigon, so he converted (busted/with same pay but no leadership required or given) me back to Spec-5 a rank I never had B 4, assigned me to the Scout Platoon as their only medic thinking that fitting punishment, he gave me exactly what I wanted a chance to shine with E-5 pay and no subordinate medics to police-up, these 40 11B/C's maniacs lived down-range and most had gone way beyond feral, taught me enough skills to be a Ranger (most of 'em were ex-SF/Rangers) but kept me VERY busy patching them up, the infanrty 1-SGT of that platoon (CSS Co Top) put me in for boo-coup medals and sung my praises to the BN CSM, who made my (butt-wipe, always smelled of day old Jack Daniels) PLT-SGT give me back my 3 stripes, buck-SGT again, BFD, then told him to "lay off me" and I made the cut-off ponits for SSG soon after, ended up his (still hated & still sassing him) evac-squad leader (Gamma-Goats/FLA's) and I stayed down-range/deployed, came back one day and no mo SFC 'Jack Daniels', fired for being drunk on duty, so as a brand new 24 y/o E-6 I took over as the 'platoon daddy' for the whole medical platoon (45 91B medics) HHC, 1st Bn, 35th Inf (L) 'Cacti', 2nd 'Warrior' Bde, 25th I.D.(L) and I could do no wrong (that they ever could nail me on that is!). Soon after that Spec-5, 6 & 7 was d/x-ed as a rank. Shame as it was a good way to give more money & rank to a soldier who had more tech skills than leadership ones, very vital left to their own specialty. Just an old light-fighter story to bounce off you from a much younger time in my life when running with the 'wolf-pack' was easy-fun stuff.

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