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Last night, I was in Home Depot in my underwear and had to pee..the only threat to me was being embarassed by wetting on the floor..told ya, I have weird ones, all the time!
Mine are like yours. I'm usually in Lowe's and taking a dump and there is no toilet paper. I reach up and hit the button and I hear, "Customer needs assistance in the plumbing department...Customer needs assistance in the plumbing department". :rolleyes:


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The weirdest dream I have had was that I was at a circus or somewhere and was trying a stunt of putting my head in a lions mouth. It was roaring very very loud. At that point I awoke and my wife was snoring so loud it sounded like a freight train. If my wife sees this post I will be in the dog house for sure.


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I don't dream much, but when I do there are always firearms involved... usually the dream consists of people I love being assaulted/kidnapped, and the majority of the dream is spent searching for them, then hunting down and killing the bad guys.

And other times, I just dream that I can fly... naked.


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Last night, I was in Home Depot in my underwear and had to pee..the only threat to me was being embarassed by wetting on the floor..told ya, I have weird ones, all the time!
I'd like to pee on that polished concrete floor, just to see it pool up and move around like quicksilver. :D


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i had one , we were being attacked by coyotes, they were coming from everywhere. I told everyone to stay in side the house. I was shooting and reloading and shooting. They were laying everywhere. Just as i ran out of shells, my 8 year old daughter ran outside and a coyote grabbed her up running away from me. She was screaming as was I. Then i woke and checked on my girls and lay awake the rest of the night. What makes more real is that the coyotes are heavily populated here.


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We have coyotes around where I live,too.At least I think so.I have never seen them,but I hear them howl sometimes.And it doesn't sound like dogs.My sun is 15,so I don't worry about them getting at him.My biggest concern was always that they would get in the yard and mess with my rabbits.But they never did.
Oh,and I want some of the stuff that makes you dream about Jessica Alba and Halle Berry.


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My most realistic dream was that I was having sex with a beautiful female paper hanger. When I woke up I had paste in my hand! :D


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Ok I had kinda a strange one the other night! I was at some kind of shooting competition and the guy ahead of me picks up a full ammo can of .223. Then runs from station to station, carrying the ammo can, and toss bullets by hand. For some reason I didn't find this strange but I did think "How is he going to hit the 200m plate?"

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I never have had a dream where I had to use a weapon. However I did have one years ago where I got shot in the forehead by a pretty redhead ( About my luck too ).

She was gone when I got back on my feet. I went to the bathroom to check out my damage. Sure enough there it was a .38 caliber hole. I suddenly fealt sick to my stomach ( as y'all might imagine ) . But when I threw up blood came out of the bullet hole instead of vomiting through my mouth. Mighty strange dream and one of the few I remember so vividly. The weapon used against me in the dream was one of the M-49 Body Guards by S&W. I have had a aversion to those revolvers ever since.


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I have a semi reocuring dream (one I've had three or four times) where I have planety of weaopnary, but just no ammo. So paranoid of this, I am, that I make it a point about twice a month to purchase a box of 5.7 and usually on of either 9mm, .40 or .45


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haha, yes ironicly the first day I ever used my ccw in P.A.. I had a dream that night that included 2 perps stealing goods from my basement, I held them at gunpoint then one threw a shot at me with a 9mm. I shot the guy one good shot with the .40 and he dropped the other guy just ran. Pretty freaky dream that my ccw gave me.

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