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  • Hi Dr Lewall from a fellow Arkie. I live in Springdale now but grew up in Pine Bluff. Grandparents lived in North Little Rock and in Clarendon. We moved north in 2001. Now I am stuck up here. I spent 4 Years on the Pine Bluff Police Dept after I got out of the Air Force. =Salute=
    i am the grand daughter of Robert and Shirley Riddle and i do not appreciate what you said about what happen that day when he took her live and then his own. and what you said about having a gun of the hospital property is truly ridiculous and i am glad that you think it is a big joke. you know its people like you that deserve a tragedy like this to happen to you then maybe you will realize that its not funny in any way. i hate you for what you said
    Good day sir, after reading what you had to say about the ccp holders information being public i am a bit concerned as both myself and my father are also ccp holders. My question for you is where you get the info to check the list? I thank you sir for your time.
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