What Kind Of AR Do You Have? Any Mods? Post Pics!

I was hoping to see or hear about the AR15 from Red Jacket. I've been thinking of ordering one. I also like the new S&W M P 15,

Bushmaster XM-15
KTZ Forend rail
SAA Stubby battle grip
EOTech 5.11
Shortty Battle stock(don't remember the make)
Magpul MOE enhanced trigger guard
Magpul BAD lever
UTG back up rear sight (pictured, Now has the Magpul MBUS)
Falcon ERGO grip

Additions to come:
Troy industries gas block
CAA 4lb trigger
A pair of ARs. Top is a Colt Sporter Competition HBAR. Below is is a Colt Match Target Target Model with a few surprises. Then a picture of the surprise.Link RemovedLink Removed
Both of my Colt carbines... Sporter and A2 Gov't Carbine...

Link Removed

The M&P15-22 for cheap shooting and practice..

Link Removed
PSA upper and lower receivers, LPK
Daniel Defense 16" barrel and 12" lite rail
BCM Bolt carrier group
Magpul MIAD
A2 stock
Eotech and magpul mbus gen 2 not installed
Windham Weaponry SRC.
Link Removed
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22. Fun gun and cheap to shoot.
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